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A man born in an obscure part of Louisiana, were to go against the normal political implications the city upheld to. Winn Parish gave way to a political monster, wise beyond his limited power. Huey Long was a great and fearless leader who got things done by putting pressure on other government officials to actually do what they were supposed to do, and that’s govern. August 10, 1893 a diamond in the rut was born to forever change political progression. Growing up knowing about how the United States had little to no care about the poor and companies abuses of people simultaneously depriving people more and more of economic growth. The people of Louisiana needed Huey Long to fight for them against politicians who forgot the people who got them elected. Huey will always be one of the most significant political figures of Louisiana. The spot he made during his ruling period in the state is truly a benchmark, as he made better roads and better schools along with centralizing the state government improving the way things were done for the better. He was great for Louisiana, being one politician that was for the people becoming the greatest political leader Louisiana ever had.
Long attended Tulane University Law School in 1914, he completed the course in only eight months obtaining a degree. Huey failed most of his classes, but this never deterred him. He petitioned to be able to take the Bar exam, and passed making it that any other people who want to be a lawyer must go to law school before taking the Bar. Even before becoming a politician he was changing laws. As an attorney Huey usually defended the underdog, this would transfer over to his career in politics. He was a member of the Democratic Party, Long went against the involvement of World War I making him an outcast in the South. Long was elected as the state railroad commissioner for the Northern District, he used this as a springboard to get into bigger politics. Long was unsuccessful in 1924 as a contender for governor, but as a committee man, he impressed the electorates. With education, and fighting for the common people as his platform, his campaign would be a huge success and thus making him go for another run at the governorship in 1928. Once in office, he fought against the deep-rooted ladder of political bigots and tried meticulously to replace them with his own people. He compelled the state to distribute his newspaper, the Louisiana Progress, throughout the city in a way to get the people on his side. He created new reforms such as free school textbooks, raising the budget for schools, night school classes for illiterate people and increased disbursements for state university, but his critics accused him of being a dictator. It was because he knew that most reforms that he would have...

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