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Huffman Trucking Company: Database Management System Request For Proposal: Description Of Team Red Consulting, Inc.

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Team Red Consulting, Inc. (TRCI) began their consulting firm with over 20 plus years of information technology experience. TRCI has five years of successful development and deployment of database management systems specializing in the areas of fleet maintenance for transportation companies. With an extensive customer service base, TRCI was able to successfully implement maintenance database maintenance systems weeks prior to project termination.TRCI afforded the opportunity to propose an enterprise investigation and feasibility study on the development of database management system for the Huffman Trucking Company (HTC), per their service request SR-ht-002. The database is designed for the transportation department, specifically their vehicle maintenance scheduling system.The TRCI members that will complete HTC's service request SR-ht-002 are the following:- Project Manager: Laine Garrido- Software Engineer: Eric Roker- Database Engineer: Robert Eddy- Database Administrator: Gary Huber- Technical Advisor: Frank Moody- Information Technology Manager: Alvin M. Timbol- Huffman Trucking Company's IT staff- Executive Assistant: To be assigned.Analysis of Huffman's Database Application RequirementsStatement of Need.Smith Consulting developed entities and attributes for Fleet Truck Maintenance database and were unable to complete the development of the database system. In an effort to better document applications, an UML analysis is required. Huffman Trucking is aware that UML is new to the business market, and there is little documentation on it in their Information Technology (IT) department; Therefore, TRCI will be conducting research on UML technology.Scope Identity -- Business Objectives.TRCI will provide the following objectives to complete the requirements of HTC. Huffman Trucking needs a reliable database system to store all of their vehicle maintenance scheduling requirements. The purpose of the database is to provide the HTC with a system for tracking scheduled maintenance for their vehicles. This will be performed through data entry of driver's, logs into the database system. This will eliminate missed maintenance appointments and "down time" by tracking information gathered by maintenance records, inventory of parts and purchases from vendors.TRCI will develop an UML Use Case and Class Diagram for Fleet Truck Maintenance. TRCI will, also, develop a database and application, complete with tables, forms, queries, and reports that meets the defined requirements. The scope of TRCI involvement is focused on scheduling, and the database will include scheduling of maintenance, per truck, in a six-week interval period.Proposed System Requirements.The maintenance database system will include the requirements as follows:TRCI will use the following Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) to develop the Unified Modeling Language Use Case and Class Diagrams.Unified Modeling Language (UML) Use Case Diagram.Unified Modeling Language helps the user to visualize...

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