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Huffman Trucking It Analysis

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Founded in 1936, Huffman Trucking is in the shipping business. The company has maintained a growth strategy from 1948 through 1976. After 1976, “Huffman continued to experience significant growth from internally generated sales and acquisitions” (University of Phoenix, 2013) of five other trucking firms. The Motor Carrier Act of 1980 deregulating, the trucking industry, enabled the company to become a national carrier. The company maintains operations and accounting computer systems. Strategically, the company has a desire to use the best practices of UPS as a model for future business system implementations (University of Phoenix, 2013). This paper’s theme is the assessment of the current state of the knowledge worker information infrastructure and future opportunities for supporting knowledge workers.
Current Systems
The current system supports the business functions of accounting, customer relationship management, inventory management, and human resources. The company has additional systems to management the operation of the truck fleet, maintain the truck fleet, and provide warehouse management. The company’s systems have a level of survivability, which provides the system’s ability to continuously deliver services in the presence of failures and other undesired events (Heegaard & Trivedi, 2009). This survivability includes the computer hardware, applications, databases, and networking.
A key business computing resource is the ERP system. Typically, an ERP system provides the integrated functions of purchasing, production, marketing, finance, administration, human resources, public relations and general management. Marketing knowledge workers use the ERP system to research; advertising and sales to enhance the offering through the messages and the product’s customers want to purchase (Avram, 2010). The ERP finance function maintains records of business activities to raise the necessary business capital (Avram, 2010). General management uses the ERP system to manage, plan, direct and control all the activities to ensure business success (Avram, 2010). The human resource function has significant importance because proper management of people results in efficient work, which means efficient business (Avram, 2010). Therefore, many organizations within Huffman Trucking use the ERP system.
Huffman Trucking has other systems with a focus toward operations, including managing the deployment of the truck fleet, maintenance of the truck fleet, and management of the warehouse. Fleet management includes a GPS communication device in each vehicle connected to the fleet management system. This approach provides location tracking as well as, miles per gallon, odometer readings, idle time, time spent in cruise, fuel consumption, hard-braking and time spent in engine RPM bands (Penske truck leasing; penske truck leasing now offers CyntrX 3.0 for fleet tracking and reporting, 2009). This IT technology provides Huffman Trucking with the capability to manage...

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