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Hum Resources Essay

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What is meant by the term media convergence with regard to technology, and how has it affected everyday life?
When America went through a period of media convergence with regard to technology, we were essentially combining different types of mass media into one cohesive entity. Forty years ago, the main forms of mass media used were the TV, radio, and newspapers. Now we have multiple forms of media, the Internet is broadcasting radio programming, newspaper articles can be found on the Internet, and commercials that give no other information besides the address of a website. With the improvements of an average cell phone, we have been given the gift of the smartphone. With one smartphone in ...view middle of the document...

Company does not stay in business and grow by choosing to entertain one product or one service. Using Apple as an example, they were providers of personal computers, with innovation and luck they started the iPod trend, which lead to iTunes. They have evolved to the iPhone and the iPads. When a business has their fingers in many different pots, they can control many different forms of media at the same time. You can buy music, movies, or TV shows from iTunes, but you are only allowed to stream those purchases from an iPod, iPhone, iMac, basically only an Apple product. This controls what consumers need to buy and where from. As well as when the first iPhones were released from aAple you could only purchased them from the carrier At&t. There partnership controlled consumers, again. They have opened up which carrier you can purchase iPhones from in the last few years. I still remember the long line of complaints from people locked into other carriers having to break their contract. This has also greatly affected everyday life because of the things like the use of the internet. A newspaper article can be submitted to the newspaper’s website, viewed by many people. Then people start to slow down their newspaper consumption. Causing small newspapers to either fold or slow down production. This causes companies to have cut backs on jobs. Which then increases the unemployment rates and causes rates increase in the goods we purchases.

What are some of the issues that result from dependency on modern media? Describe at least three issues.
When we start depending on modern media we become locked into an information receiving only state, we turn on the TV and watch the nightly news; we accept the way they reported an event, and what was reported we stop there. We need to view the news from different angles, by finding a corresponding newspaper articles, or maybe a forum post we are able to see the same news report from different sides, gaining a larger perspective of the situation. We need to form our own opinion, instead o allowing information to be spoon fed to us. Then how our children perceive the mass media. Children are bombarded by mass media they are shown highly sexual images and are told this is what it takes to be happy. The beautiful woman on the commercial has the great job, handsome husband, and amazing car. She is beautiful, sexy with long hair, perky breasts, and a small waist. If you want to drive a...

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