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1. _____ involves the entire hiring process from posting a job to negotiating a salary package.
2. Details of how many people should be hired based on revenue expectation are presented in the _____ plans.
3. In the staffing function, _____ is the stage where HR officers find people to fill open positions.
4. In the staffing function, _____ is the stage where HR candidates are interviewed and finalized, and a proper compensation package is negotiated with them.
5. Which of the following statements is true with regard to development of workplace policies and HR?
6. _____ includes anything the employee receives for his or her work.
7. An ideal compensation package is expected to:
8. _____ involves keeping and motivating employees to stay with the organization.
9. Training and development of employees is likely to result in increased _____ of those employees in the organization.
10. Which of the following is an internal factor influencing the organization?
11. Which of the following is an external factor influencing the organization?
12. The impact of the retirement of baby boomers reflects the role of _____ as an external factor influencing the organization.
13. Allowing employees to set their own schedules results in the creation of _____ schedules.
14. _____ allows employees to work from home or a remote location for a specified period of time.
15. Which of the following is true with regard to the Professional in Human Resources certification exam?
16. The Senior Professional in Human Resources primarily focuses on:
17. Global Professional in Human Resources is a certification test that:
18. _____ is a concept that examines the moral rights and wrongs of a certain situation.
19. A _____ plan gives all employees a minimum level of benefits and a set amount to spend on flexible benefits, such as additional healthcare or vacation time.
20. _____ refers to the number of employees who leave a company in a particular period of time.
21. Which of the following is an area that personnel management focused on in the past?

22. Which of the following is an area that represents the HRM focus as opposed to the personnel management focus that was prevalent earlier?
23. Which of the following differentiates the role of personnel management from the present-day HRM?
24. Staffing focuses on:
25. Succession planning, which determines how the organization will handle the departure of managers and how current employees will be ready to take on those roles when a manager does leave, falls under the _____ duty of HRM.
26. Which of the following differentiates an HR plan and an HRM strategic plan?
27. Jason McDowell, an HR manager with Prime Banking and Consultancy, switched from the traditional recruitment methods he had used successfully for over a decade to using the Internet as a platform to advertise job openings. He feels that this change enables him to portray his company's culture in a way that appeals to...

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