Human And Animal Interactions Essay

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The continuous shaping of America’s overall social, economical, and political systems correlates with how humans and animals interact. Helen Horowitz, Andrew Isenberg, Bonnie Clause, and Etienne Benson are some of the historians that have connected the treatment, view, and placement of animals in the American society throughout the developing of the country. These historians showcased animals that were used for things such as medical research, the displaying of wealth, as well as monetary gain. Although each of them focused on different animals, points in time, and issues; they all we similar by the way they valued and related human and animal interactions to how America’s history formed.
Horowitz’s Article, “Animal and Man in the Zoological Park” suggested that the people who were mainly responsible for the New York Zoological Park reflected their personal interest into the formation and organization of the Animals. The wealthy people and politicians that gave donations and voted in Favor of building the Zoo were white idealist that believed that they had to maintain the purity that was left in America. Their views of an American Utopia would most likely been set up similar to the zoo, in the sense that how the cages and habitats separated the animals in same way social class, political positions, wealth and race would divide the American people. The few controlling the majority like how they control and separate the animals was how the envisioned their American. In many ways their Utopia society was how the country was maintained for a very long time. The main purpose to show off their wealth by the generous donations was not understated, even though the tried hide behind the façade of building the zoo to introduced culture to society.
Similarly in Isenberg’s “Return of the Bison” the ranchers around the area used the passion and determination of the preservations’ to save the bison from extension, and harnessed their efforts to exploit the curiosity of the common man while also capturing on the Rich peoples desire to reenact the feeling of conquering the new frontier. “This piece meal and commercialized salvation…ideology based on nostalgia and recreation, and to perception of western ranchers that a profit could be made from the few remaining bison.” (Pg 192) The land owners surrounding the national park would rent out their homes to the wealthy people, because the bison would often roam off the preservation land and onto their property allowing for the people renting to shoot and kill the bison stuffing their bodies, and making their heads mantels like a trophy that symbolizes the conquering of the Indians and the rest of the Americas’. In many ways the bison was used like the animals in the zoo, which was to satisfy human curiosity and egos. Isenberg and Horowitz was parallel with the connections that the made with the hunger to acquire money by abusing animals.

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