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Human And Civil Rights Essay

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Human and civil rights issues are the main cause of many revolutions, people will push them to their very limit, people will fight to the death for them, and people will overthrow the government for them.
Human rights are the idea that all people have a certain standard of behavior and basic principles to live by. Today, these rights are protected by national and international law. Civil rights are rights and privileges guaranteed to U.S. citizens by the Constitution.
Tomas focuses on the fact that the English Parliament of 1688 got, by delegation, the right to always have controlling future generations until the end of time. There can never be any one person or group of people that are in ...view middle of the document...

Those who have died and those who are still yet to be born should have no connection. What possible reasoning could say that those who have died should control those who haven’t been born yet for the rest of time? (Thomas 3). So not only is one man the dictator, but his people are the dictators forever. They all will have the same ideas and rules of how things will go; no change, no innovation. The French citizens soon realized this and decided that they were going to fight for what was humanly theirs; consequently, the French Revolution began.
On the other hand, Mendan hinted that in the Jim Crow laws, it was stated that all social places are to be segregated. One thing that stood out to many was the fact that voting was not a social activity (Mendan 2). To most average American at the time, the right to vote seemed like no big deal. But to the black citizens, just a simple check mark on a ballot would mean the whole world. Even with the segregation laws in force at the moment, the blacks saw nothing wrong with simply placing a vote. After all, voting was governmental and optional, not social and required.
By examining The Color of Law, Mendan reports that the only thing one man, Jackson, did in 1965 was try and register to vote and he, his mother, daughter, and grandchild were stormed by the police, causing himself to end up in the hospital. While in the hospital, he was accused and arrested for assault and battery with the intent to murder a peace officer (Mendan 1). Innocent people are dying all because of the color of their skin; innocent people who are being deprived of their civil rights all because of the color of their skin.
Many of the white Americans who had seen any wrong doings of the segregation law always blamed the blacks, but in reality, the one to be put to blame is the American government. And finally, after so many reports of the blacks doing one thing and the whites doing another, the whole thing got the attention of the White House (Mendan 3). If there was ever a dispute between a black man and a white man, the white man was never even looked at suspiciously.
In reference to Mary Dudziak’s important book, Cold War Civil Rights, “the trick was to turn a failure of government into something that looked like a triumph of government” (Mendan 3) By researching the hard facts of the Civil Rights Movement, the government had actually failed to abide by the basic rights assumed for every man and made their own laws saying what was right and what was wrong.
Belafonte highlights the fact that to the freedom riders in the United States, the civil rights issue was so much more than just a civil rights issue. It was a human rights issue. Many of their struggles were being faced by people all over the world. Segregation was no different than the totalitarianism going on in other countries (Belafonte et al. 1). It can be guaranteed that while the civil rights issues were happening in the United States, our government was thinking that...

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