Human And Computers Interactions Essay

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Human Computer Interaction we are all familiar with, a trait characteristic of all humankind that emerged in the early 1980s that started embracing computer science and human factors that would interact with computer. There has been study of how the users of computers utilize them to complete tasks in the environment they will finally be used in. Human Computer Interaction is not just designed for one user and then another user comes along to use it. When been created an HCI system it would have to be considering how the users will interact with computer devices. Human Computer Interaction all aspects have been included in the tasks to be completed, in the technology that will be used by the ...view middle of the document...

Human Computer Interaction has come a long way in the human lives such as medical field that can help scan a person’s body to detect any issue with a person. Stores have used this computer interaction in keeping track of their product and how many have been sold. The Human computer Interaction has moved beyond desktop it has moved into portable computer called laptops. Here in 2000’s it have advance more into tablets and advanced cell phone that make it easier to stay in touch with another person.
As people protect their homes with locks and/or security systems, there was ways that a person can protect their information that is on a computer. Some of the ways that people can protect their personal information that is on a computer are passwords, card keys, and biometric devices. Passwords are the greatest used. It usually consists of letter and numbers. Hackers can spend some time and eventually guess the password. This method is not enough. Another way computers are protected is by using card keys. From the beginning of time, people used lock and keys to protect the things however, keys can be stolen and duplicated. Card keys were designed to prevent this type of situation from happening. Card-keys can employ an identifying number or password that is encoded in the card itself,...

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