Human Behavior And Roles People Play In A Community

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University Center, the dorm I've been living since I came to Chicago. Some people call my dorm the Super Dorm, because of the size of the dorm. The University Center is an 18-story building in which 1,680 students live. Residents of UC are from three different institutions: Columbia College, DePaul University and Roosevelt University. About half of the rooms are apartment style, which have four bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and two bathrooms with bathtubs. The other half is a traditional style dorm, which we call suites. A suite room has one bedroom with two beds and a bathroom with a shower, toilet, and two sinks. The bathroom is connected to another bedroom. The 16th, 17th and 18th floors are called premium floors, which are usually for students who are 21 and older. (Sheridan)I started this research, because I wanted to research not just my dorm but also especially my hallway because everyone in this hallway knows one another and we make a special community, which is almost like one big family. As I research about dorm lives by taking field notes on my hallway, and gathering secondary sources like books and articles, the research got more and more interesting to me. First of all, dorm is a very strange way of housing. There is no other place where hundreds of same age people live together and share a lot of things with each other. Second of all, I live in one of the premium floors, so most of people are 21 and older on my floor. When you are younger than most people, it will of course influence your position in the community. Surprisingly, there are a lot of resources that give me information about more interesting things such as gender difference in the community and race.My ethnographic research on my hallway at University Center has been very successful, but you are probably wondering why you should care about a research on some college dorm. Some of you might live in a dorm and some might not. You may not even go to a college. So, why should you care about my ethnographic research? I can give you a million reasons why you should care about my research project, but in this paper, I would like to talk particularly about the three reasons. First, the research on college dorm can be related to other communal housing places or anywhere you see the same faces everyday and have to share your properties with others. Second, considering that many students pay more to live in a dorm, my research on college dorm will leads you into another topic, "what kind of value do people look for homes?" Last, I will talk about why those values people seek for homes change as they get older, just like most college students move out of their dorms after freshman or sophomore year.Now you can see how my research is related to you, and I'm sure you are pretty excited to read more about my research. I will start from the first topic I mentioned, the comparison of college dorms, other communal housings, and any places that you see the same faces and have to...

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