Human Capital Development; If This Is Set Up In A Worksheet It Will Make Much More Sense

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Human Capital Concept WorksheetIn this era of high business competitiveness, organizations operate in a dynamic and changing environment and consequently they have to be able to adapt to stay ahead of the aggressive competition.Organizations today recognize that human resource (HR) is their key asset to gaining an edge over competition and achieving organizational success and effectiveness. Thus, human resource management (HRM) has now become an emerging field in the business world and a key ingredient for staying abreast of competition.InterClean, IncorporatedInterClean, Inc. is a major player on the sanitation scene; future profitability hinges on fulfilling the emerging need. Currently, ...view middle of the document...

This will allow them to develop their internal and external labor markets along with opening the door for new employees to be hired into the corporation.The need to determine the current strengths of the sales team, areas of needed development, and the future staffing requirements (Scenario, 2006).The firm's ability to manage people to gain competitive advantage (Dreher & Dougherty, 2001, p. 4). The demographic data that has been gathered by an Internal consultant is that the company is well educated and has a young staff. However, the achievements of the computer skills, leadership and customer service performance fall into a low percentile. 73% of the staff is lacking in their customer service skills and training is needed in this area and 86% has limited computer skills Scenario, 2006). The data shows that there is potential but the employees are lacking the motivation. InterClean acquires EnviroTech and the sales skills are divergent (Scenario, 2006). Therefore, the company needs a totally different approach toward the sales staff in order to keep them motivated. The company is in need of a new vision.A Written list of standards is needed. The first element is to recruit people with superior character, talent, and the capacity for significant growth. An example of a "standard" that does not offer much guidance would read something like the company will provide appropriate development opportunities that allow all employees to fully utilize their capacity for growth (HRM Strategy, 2001).Leading Strategy formulation will develop the external and internal labor markets conditions (HRM Strategy, 2001).Human resource management can add value to the firm and serve as a source that will sustain a competitive advantage (Dreher & Dougherty, 2001).Applications of organizational behavior to management.David Spencer announced the acquisition of EnviroTech, which is one of the major domestic competitors in the corporate market. 60 employees from EnviroTech will be merged with InterClean employees (Scenario, 2006).Integrating staffing practices with strategy is a basic method for prospector firms. InterClean is a major player within the sanitation scene, future profitability will hinge on fulfilling the customers' emerging need for proposed solution model (Scenario, 2006). The plan of the company is to provide the customers with high quality products.The CEO of InterClean believes that if they are among the first to introduce an all inclusive service that the potential for growth will be large (Scenario, 2006). The service expertise that comes with EnviroTech will slide perfectly with the strategic direction (Scenario, 2006), which is exactly what InterClean needs. The two corporate cultures should fit together.HRM implications are many. The need for change and the vision for the new company must be thoroughly communicated. Compensation, benefits, and training systems must be integrated and deployed in a way that will contribute to new...

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530/Human Capital Concept Worksheet Essay

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Human Capital Concept Worksheet Essay

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1487 words - 6 pages filled with new hires". Based on the level of expertise that each new hire will need to meet the expectations of the new corporate structure, it would seem evident that these new recruits will be taking on positions well above the entry level.David Spencer remarked in his InterClean company wide memo that "clearly, this is a golden opportunity for anybody at Interclean who wants to help create and fill new and exciting positions of