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The Classification of a Human Being People rely heavily on sight to detect who other people might be. The assumptions a viewer makes from how a person dresses of combs there hair help the viewer classify their subject. The problems these assumptions cause are numerous, lost opportunities, forced identities and violence among groups are a few results of these assumptions.When people look at one another while passing on the street they see much more than a suit or spiked hair or a pair of baggy jeans. The observer sees these material things as clues to who the person they are looking at might be. There is a classification that occurs. By categorizing, the observer is assuming that who they are looking is a specific breed of person who has personality traits and interests that are known to exist in the group they are assumed to be in. For example one might assume that a guy with a bright blue Mohawk would listen to punk, be political, hate the rich and so on. The attributes that we assume to exist in certain groups are ideas that are fed to us by society and our surrounding culture. Most of the personas and looks that have been linked to each group are gathered from the founding members or bench markers of the Group. An example being our assumption that anyone who dresses in tie dye and Berkin stocks like Gerry Garcia probably has the same viewpoints and habits as him.Because of this idea that people who look the same are a similar type of person a lot of people use categories to find friendship. People assume that others who dress like themselves have the same interests. While this may be true on occasion not every one who dresses the same will get along. Unfortunately many people limit their friendship to those who fit into their group. By doing this there are many lost opportunities of friendship. People also try to make social connections by acting to role with what is expected of their clique. They do this because they assume that by conforming to a group identity, friendship with others who appear to be in that group will be made easier Many people become what is expected of their stereo type. A good example of this is the gay male. With a lot of gay men homosexuality becomes more than a sexual preference it becomes their lifestyle and their personality. Society creates an idea of what it means to be gay and instead of being themselves people assume that since they are gay they must live by these expectations. They force lisps they never had, make themselves walk a certain way, live promiscuous sexual lives and so on. While I am sure there are many who are actually like this it is unlikely that there are as many that act the part. I think that since it is difficult to live the gay lifestyle, many of those who are gay conform to this notion of...

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