Human Cloning From 8 Different Views: Baha'i Faith, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Japan, China

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Cloning - The View of Different Religions & Nations1.CHRISTIANITYa.Status of the Embryo- embryo is human from conception - has a soul- cloning is useful for healingb.Interference w/ God's work- man is a steward (helper, sub, regent) of creation (Roman Catholic)- man is a 'co-creator' (Protestant)- the most skeptical about interfering w/ Godc.Abortion- allowed all the way until birth if for medical reason- not allowed if the child is from rape or sick- not allowed to just get rid of the childd.Kinship (problem w/ original/0 age, clone is the donor's twin)- not a problem in Christianity- Their problem: what is the purpose of this embryo? What are the intentions w/ this embryo? can we ...view middle of the document...

BAHA'I FAITHa.Status of the embryo- embryo human from conception - ensouled beingb.Interference w/ God's work- "contribute to the ever-advancing civilization"c.Abortion- Allowed for medical reasons, from rape, sick- not allowed to just get rid of the child5.HINDUISM (NOT A UNIFORM VIEW)a.Status of the embryo- soul enters during conception - embryo is human- karma: don't do bad things, they will come back to you "" do not kill the embryo; tendency therapeutic cloning "Ðb.Control of the child's sex- Rep. cloning allowed b/c boys are more wanted than girls (girls have to pay for the wedding)6.BUDDHISM (NOT A UNIFORM VIEW)a.Status of the embryo - soul- Do not kill, they don't acknowledge the soul, just 'the flow of consciousness'- Healing id of benefit - everything that reduces suffering is good- "" skepticism (do no kill/healing is good) in therapeutic c. - some see it as legitimate- no problem w/ reproductive - some peopleb.Slippery slope- The thing itself is considered good but it may end up in something harmful as the time progresses- It is too dangerous - if we allow one cloning, there would be a lot more - uncontrollable progress7.JAPAN (PUBLIC DISCUSSION IS NOT RELIGIOUS)a.Status of the embryo- Human embryo is 'a sprout of human life'- Research on & implantation of artificially produced embryos is forbidden by law; some aspects though are left to decide by the Ministry of Science (w/in 2 weeks)b.Strong utilitarian stream- Pro-cloningc.Feminists & Disabled- Anti-cloning- Feminists are concerned w/ using women as a means for men's purposes - egg donors, surrogate mothers- Disabled concerned about the future, in which only 'perfect'...

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