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Human Cloning Should Not Be Banned.

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Proposition: Human Cloning Should Not Be Banned.The news of the successful cloning of an adult sheep, in which the sheeps DNA was inserted into an unfertilized sheep egg to produce a lamb with identical DNA, has generated an outpour of ethical concerns. These concerns are not about Dolly, the now famous sheep, nor even about the considerable impact cloning may have on the animal breeding industry, but rather about the possibility of cloning humans. For the most part, however, the ethical concerns being raised are exaggerated and misplaced, because they are based on erroneous views about what cloning is and what it can do for people today. The danger, therefore, lies not in the power of the technology, but in the misunderstanding of its significance in our world today. We, as a society that is always advancing, need to use cloning to advance our research in animal testing, infertility and the most important, disease research and possible cures.As the status quo stands, cloning of humans has a ban. I am advocating a change. We need this change to be able to make new scientific breakthroughs in many health issues. Animal testing, infertility, and the cure of diseases are a problem that we battle everyday. These are the most talked about issues that scientists feel that they can change if given the opportunity to start the human cloning process. Even though cloning can bring so many scientific breakthroughs, people that are obviously not well informed, argue that cloning is wrong. If we look at the big picture, the pro?s of cloning out way the con?s dramatically. More knowledge equals a more understanding of cloning. To do this we must start with the basics.What is cloning? How did it get started? Well, it is like this. A clone is a genetic copy or a replica of a living organism. In 1952 deoxyribonucleic acid was discovered, the spiral staircase molecule, DNA. DNA is the building block of life. This block holds the code for every aspect of any life on the planet Earth. DNA decides whether one life will be a plant or rhinoceros. DNA also carries the information that tells how smart, creative, bossy, shy, athletic, or any other description you can think of. It also carries all hereditary diseases such as cancer. The secret code of DNA would prove to be invaluable.After Dr. Wilmut's work, the government has decided to step in and start to regulate genetic engineering. President Bill Clinton stopped any federal funded research that had to do with cloning of humans until more was known about this subject. Using a biblical voice he argued that he was trying to stop "people from playing God." He said, "There is much about cloning that we still do not know. This statement was made in 1994 when Dolly was created. It is now 2001 and we know much more about cloning. There is also a hole in Clinton?s logic to stop federal funding.This does not mean that there is anything that the government can do if the research is funded by private organizations. Any person...

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