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Human Cloning Should Be Permitted Essay

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Human Cloning Should be Permitted

What would you say if I told you that scientists had just developed a new procedure that could lead not only to the cure for cancer, but would provide an unlimited source of organ donors and could lead to the first effective treatment of nerve damage? Now adding on to this scenario lets say that our government was taking action to ban this new procedure because of a few myths and some loud mouthed conservatives.

This scenario is true and is taking place with human cloning at this very moment. If you don't act fast this crowning achievement of medical science could be lost forever. "This procedure will be both a contribution to science and a betterment of the human race." Human cloning will provide unlimited benefits to our species and should be legal.

This paper is intended to educate you to the many benefits of human cloning before it is banned due to ignorance. Now before you read any further I would like to ask you to forget any myth, legend or science fiction that you might have heard about cloning.

The cloning of humans could be the greatest achievement of medical science, it could lead the way to the solution to some of humanity's greatest problems. Every year hundreds of thousands of Americans die from cancer making it the second most common cause of death in the united states. However, through cloning and other forms of genetic research scientists are all ready learning all kinds of important information about the genetic make up of cancer and before long we may have the cure for cancer.

Though the cure for cancer is reason enough not to ban cloning it is by no means the only benefit this new technology could create for the medical field. With human cloning scientists are working on ways to perfect methods to clone individual organs. This could finally be a
permanent solution to the ever growing demand for organ donors. It also could lead to a way to repair damaged nerves by cloning the nerve cells from the injured person.

Millions of Americans suffer from a terrible neurological disorder known as Parkinson disease. This disease affects the control of the muscles. Through the valuable information about genetics that we will learn through cloning scientists could learn what causes Parkinson
disease and learn how to treat it better.

Nature has a cruel way of dooming innocent children to horribly short and painful lives. Genetically inherited diseases such as hemophilia and Downs syndrome could be identified and treated while the baby is still in the mothers womb. This could spare countless innocent
children and parents from years of horrible suffering.

Many couples that are infertile still have a great desire to create a new life however the current method in vitro fertilization is very often ineffective. In fact it only results in a healthy pregnancy 10% of the time. However cloning could be much more effective. Contrary
to one of the biggest...

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