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Human Cloning Should Not Be Regulated

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          For centuries, man has been genetically modifying everything from food to dogs by using a process called selective breeding.  This process takes the best of what you have and makes more of it, or mixes the best of one with the best of another to see what happens.  Even though this process is relatively refined, it is still subject to trial and error.  Today’s cloning technology allows scientists to identify the genetic quality that they want to reproduce and insert it directly into a plant or animal, effectively eliminating the trial and error phase of selective breeding.  Regulating cloning, or worse, banning it altogether, would limit the progress of scientific advancement significantly.  The potential benefits for society range from increasing the viability of crops to curing the world of genetic diseases.  If cloning were banned altogether, the scientific community, with these breakthroughs in their sights, would be forced to take their experiments underground to avoid political repercussions.
          The opposition insists on the regulation of cloning and is suggesting a permanent ban, arguing that cloning in any way is unethical.  Some take the position that scientists can not be trusted, ethically, to know when the experiments should stop, therefore, the scientific community would be unable to effectively regulate themselves.  There has yet to be an organization, that all agrees upon, to enforce regulations on the scientific community in regards to this issue.  Another fear of the opposition, is that government funding and/or funding from the private sector would determine which research would move forward according to its profitability factor, putting the wants and needs of society secondary to monetary gain.
          Without regulation scientists would be free to make advances in cloning research that would benefit society.  Since the discovery of DNA, scientific technologies have been moving forward to find ways to benefit society with its knowledge.  The techniques used by scientists in the field of genetic engineering are quickly becoming standard practice in modifying plants and animals for the greater good.  According to "Cloning plants" in Farm Industry News, 15 Feb. 1999, researchers at USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in Woodward, Oklahoma, along with Russian scientists, have patented a hybrid between corn and its distant relative, eastern gamagrass, which can naturally clone itself.  The successful development of this hybrid should lead to the development of hybrid corn lines that can reproduce themselves. Eventually, these advancements should lead to an increase in viable crops and the reduction of labor and processing costs in the farming industry.  Cloning plants is not limited to farming advancements.  Gene splicing and cross species genetic engineering are scientific tools that may be used one day to create a plant that can produce human insulin, and then, cloning could be used to mass produce...

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