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Human Cloning: The Risks Outweigh The Benefits

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One day, in near future you suddenly know that your appearance is the same with other three persons. I am sure that you will be extremely surprise if you do not know that you are the result of human cloning. In recent years, cloning is an achievement of medical profession and a hot news on most of newspapers and television channels because of its important role. Cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another. It means that every single bit of DNA- the chemical inside the nucleus of a cell that caries the genetic instructions for making living organisms- is the same between the two. People can create many living things only with their single bit of DNA. However, human cloning- the creation of a genetically identical copy of an existing human or growing cloned tissue from that individual- becomes a very controversial issue. Scientists use an unfertilized egg taken from a woman and remove its nucleus. Genes taken from another person are then placed inside the egg. Chemicals are added and a spark of electricity jolts the cell into dividing and growing into a clone. Recognizing that the risks of human cloning is outweigh the benefit; so, I would like to express my point of view about human cloning. Human cloning has a lot of bad effects on our ethic, physical, psychology, and society; therefore, what people should to increase these risks.Human being differs from other creatures because they are cognitive and ethical. The definition of "ethical" given in Oxford Dictionary: "connected with beliefs and principle about what is right and wrong, morally correct or acceptable." We are living in an order society. In order to have this good status, we have to acquire and maintain the good things; exclude the bad things from our life. It seems as a natural rule and people need to follow it as a traditional value. Therefore, human cloning is not accepted because it is against the natural rules and traditional value. In 1999, on the CNN poll found that 89 percent of those who responded believed that cloning humans was morally wrong, and 74 percent said that human cloning was against God's will. As concerned above, human cloning is the creation of a genetically identical copy of an existing human or growing cloned tissue from that individual. If people success in human cloning, women do not need to be pregnant so they do not have the opportunity to feel how the child develops during their pregnant. Mothers will not recognize the value of their children because they are not pregnant, they do not spend much energy to have babies. Naturally, women have to be pregnant within nine months and ten days then they give the births to their children. During this time, they are very tired because of the changes of their body but they feel happy. If now they accept human cloning that means they refuse their mandate, considered as the difference between the male and the female, and violate the natural rules and human value. In addition, Francis...

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