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Human Colonization Of Mars Essay

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Technological advancements have made it conceivable for NASA to begin human missions to Mars by 2030 (“NASA’s Bolden”). The scientific community is working diligently on ways to reduce the cost of colonizing Mars, but undoubtedly it will cost billions of dollars to establish and maintain a permanent colony on the planet. Although opponents of space colonization believe it’s a waste of money to invest in Mars, Mars colonization has the potential to alleviate the overpopulated Earth's declining resources of water, fossil fuels, food and jobs.
The demand on earth for its resources at this current level is one that will be impossible to maintain in the future. Global warming is clear evidence ...view middle of the document...

Melting of the polar caps with the introduction of greenhouse gases would create large oceans like here on Earth (“National”). The hydrothermal reservoirs on Mars can be used to supply geothermal power as well (“Life”).
Mars is ideal for growing plants for food because of its soil, abundance of available acres of land and its distance from the sun. Evidence that plants could be grown in the soil of Mars was stated by Professor Sam Kounaves the soil seemed "very friendly… there is nothing about it that is toxic". "It is the type of soil you would probably have in your backyard - you know, alkaline. You might be able to grow asparagus in it really well" (“Martian”). Agriculture could be established on Mars with large greenhouses on its surface making is possible to grow enough food to sustain life on Mars and perhaps Earth. The distance of Mars from the Sun allows the planet to experience seasons and receive sunlight sufficient enough to induce plant growth (“Mars”). These facts provide further evidence that agriculture could be accomplished on Mars.
Furthermore Mars has fossil fuels available for mining. Because Mars has experienced the same sorts of volcanic activity as Earth a multitude of elements are available in abundance to support industry on Earth and Mars (“NASA Rover’s”). Mars rovers have discovered elements such as hydrogen, silicon, iron, potassium, thorium, and chlorine all of which could be used to build a habitable infrastructure for humans on Mars (“Mission”). Commercially exporting elements mined on Mars will alleviate the damage currently being done to the Earth by industrialization.
Colonizing Mars will create a wealth of jobs because the labors of every profession would be needed to build and maintain a new civilization such as construction workers, firefighters, astronauts, engineers, miners, biologists, doctors, astronomers, and physicists just to name a few. The opportunity for innovation and new technologies to develop will be limitless with the labor and resources that will...

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