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The title is not that important to the novel, but it does aid in understanding one of the book's main themes, that the quality of life is very important.Main Characters Homer Macauley: This responsible young man has become the man of the house by supporting his family with an after school job. But with this job comes responsibility and the hardships of growing up. Homer learns to deal with the problems of the world and with the acceptance of death.Mrs. Macauley. She is the all-knowing loving mother, She understands her children and the problems they are going through, but she lets them deal with their own problems themselves. She has the experience and wisdom to guide her children.Ulysses Macauley: This little boy is everyone's friend He is content with simply watching the world around him. Ulysses adds humor to the novel and gives the novel a sense of calmness.Marcus Macauley. He is the oldest Macauley child who is fighting overseas in the army. The development in the novel relates to Marcus. The novel ends with his death.Mary and Bess: These two radiant girls symbolize hope. Throughout the entire novel they are waiting for Marcus to return.Major Conflict: The major conflict is with Homer learning to deal with his problems and to gain a new understanding about life.Setting: The setting is in Ithaca, California, during World War II.Point of View: The point of view is third person omniscient.Themes: The quality of life is very important.The effects of death can be good and bad.Hard work is good for the soul.Understanding and maturity come with experience.Quotes 1. "The cow, however, turned and looked at Ulysses. Ulysses looked back at the cow. ...The cow, in turn, watched Ulysses, so that the small boy believed they might become friends" p. 11 5 I chose this quote because it adds...

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1461 words - 6 pages Comedy and tragedy are two totally opposing genres but both have been very successful during the Elizabethan period. Several plays were written to help people to be instructed in a general way and to purge their emotions through the laughing in comedy or the crying in the tragedy. Among the writers of tragic plays, there was Shakespeare with one of his most famous play The Tragical History of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Regarding comedy, John

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3068 words - 12 pages we see an author who is concerned with "conveying an anatomy of the time's deformity through comedy." (Dessen 75) The deformity that Jonson is trying to comment on is the overemphasis on the importance of money. This deformity is seen in the first two lines of the play where Volpone wakes up and says "Good morning to the day; and next, my gold: open the shrine, that I may see my saint" (1.1,1-2). In this opening scene the audience can see that

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1956 words - 8 pages desir’st to be so; if not, let me see thee a steward still, the fellow of servants, and not worthy to touch Fortune’s fingers. Farewell. She that alter services with thee,                          The Fortunate Unhappy” (Shakespeare, Act 2, Scene 5, Lines 125-140) While irony can be seen in Twelfth Night, many other types are used. In this play, Shakespeare is known for using almost every comedy type. He uses crude humor, represented in

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2066 words - 8 pages . Works Cited Fein, S., Hippel, W. V., & Spencer, S. J. (1999). To Stereotype or Not to Stereotype: Motivation and Stereotype Activation, Application, and Inhibition. Psychological Inquiry, 10(1), 49-54. Hennessy, C. (2003). Stereotype. Dublin: Poolbeg for Children. Maciel, K. A. (2009). Beyond Stereotype and Comedy The 'Pop' and the 'Modern' Brazil on Screen. Lusotopie, 16(2), 27-40. Panek, J. (2004). Widows and Suitors in Early Modern English Comedy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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2144 words - 9 pages In 1914, Making a Living was released, and with it, the world was introduced to Sir Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin. Born in 1889, Chaplin spent his early years preparing himself for the camera in dance troupes and stage comedy routines (Charlie Chaplin, 2005). Having been born into poverty, Chaplin's rise to fame and riches was tremendously difficult, and in no small part due to Chaplin's revolutionary approach to cinema and comedy specifically

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525 words - 2 pages independence. And the movie runs only according to the subject and human emotions.Commercial films are generally made for making money. Commercial films are thrillers, horror, comedy or action. Seldom, do we find Hollywood commercial films without sex and vulgarity. Without any reason, some of the filmmakers are keeping sex in the movie just for making money. But there are some directors who make clean films without vulgarity. For instance

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633 words - 3 pages ” is different to any other sitcom because they deal with serious issue like human For example Lisa and Bart have to deal with Bulling at school and Homer with money to pay moorage so he go to the work to earn money. Do you know why most people like to watch “The Simpson’s”? Most people enjoy watching “The Simpson’s” because it is a hilarious and comedy programme which will make you laugh or smile. It will make you laugh because characters in

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1196 words - 5 pages A Comparison of Odyssey, Divine Comedy, and Paradise Lost      Epics by definition are long narrative poems, that are grand in both theme and style (Webster 417).  They usually involve actions of great glory and are typically centered around historical or legendary events of universal significance.  Most epics deal with the deeds of a single individual, however, it is not uncommon to have more than one main character

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1675 words - 7 pages , peculiarity and confusion (Otto 2). Although James Thurber wrote humorous novels, short stories, children’s books, and cartoons, his later work has a much darker tone and mood. His later years are considered to be his wild dark comedy stage and his work usually played on the edge of hysteria (Otto 3). In one of his short stories, “The Evening’s at Seven”, the mood is melancholy and quite sorrowful. Thurber’s mood usually resembles that of Henry James


2696 words - 11 pages laugh. Drunkenness, stupidity, lust, senility, trickery, insult, and clumsiness are inexhaustible staples for this style of comedy. Although it is all too easy for critics to dismiss low comedy, like high comedy it also serves a valuable purpose in satirizing human failings. Derisive humor is basic to satiric comedy, in which human weakness or folly is ridiculed from a vantage point of supposedly enlightened superiority. Satiric comedy may be

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3679 words - 15 pages William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew as a Comedy 'The Taming of the Shrew', written by William Shakespeare between 1589 and 1594, is a romantic comedy set in the Italian city of Padua. Since the play was written, the audience's idea of comedy has changed quite dramatically. In the fifteen hundreds, an audience would have enjoyed obvious, visual aspects of comedy such as we would see in a modern-day pantomime

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1189 words - 5 pages strongly (2). The probability of an audience member having the ability to empathize with such an esteemed character, is low. A comedic protagonist tends to be quite the opposite. The protagonist of a comedy must display at least the minimum amount of personal charm to gain the audience's basic approval and support (1). The protagonist also tend to be more adaptable (2) than a tragic protagonist. The comedic protagonist has morals that are "average to

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2614 words - 10 pages prominent role of the chorus, the use of obscenity in both language and gesture, an emphasis on political and social satire, and a vigorous concern with current events; 2) Middle Comedy, a term used to refer to comedies written between 400 and 320 BC, characterized primarily by the decline in importance of the chorus; 3) New Comedy (320 to about mid-third century BC), a non-political form of comedy that ignores current events and has young love as a

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