Human Condition As Explored Through Media

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The human condition is the concept which covers the emotions and struggles that man faces during their life. The element of human condition in the texts allows the reader to connect with the text creating another level of interactivity without viewing it at face value. Michael Gows’ play Away was written in 1986 and explores this issue through its array of allusions and thematic concerns. These concepts are further explored in the 2001 film Requiem for a dream which was directed by Darren Aronofsky and in the 2005 short story Chance Traveler by Haruki Murakami.

Michael Gows’ play Away is set in the Christmas of 1967 in Australia and covers up the hardships that everyday families face with light humor to create a play that is both humorous and deep. The concept of reconciliation is a motif throughout the play; it is shown in the last scene in which Roy is forgiven by Coral for his insensitivity and lack of understanding. Tom and Meg also display reconciliation through the use of more colloquial jargon shown later in the conversation suggesting that all tension that had been created is gone. This theme is also shown in the third Act with the character Rick becoming more confident when talking to Coral, as shown with the lack of pauses. The last scene is one of reconciliation where Gwen attempts to undo all the mistakes she has done and is more open with her emotions, stating that she is, “a bit overcome”. Gow presents us with the concept using subtle actions and phrases to help carry his...

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