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Human Contribution In Climate Change Essay

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Interactions between human and the ecosystem have been operating for millenniums, and are impossible to eliminate, as each depends on the other in order to survive and flourish. However, as modern technology advances, as well as the increase in the world’s population, the need for natural resources begin to rise to an alarming rate which has started to gradually destroy the ecosystem. Recently, there has been an increase of sea levels in region whilst other rain-bounty areas have begun to experience their first droughts. This phenomenon is known as climate change. Climatologists have concluded that human activity has played a major role in contributing to the changes, therefore requiring ...view middle of the document...

There are evidences that show that human actions are in fact the main cause of environmental changes including climate change. To begin with, in Al Gore’s movie, The Inconvenient Truth, he explained the relationship between Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and the global temperature (Figure 1), “Whenever there is more CO2, the temperature gets warmer” (Al Gore, 2006). The biggest contributor to CO2 emissions is burning fossil fuel that’s accountable for 95% of the total emission amount. For example, exhausts from automobiles, power plants, factories and other technology man created are all released into the atmosphere, accumulating from day to day destroying the ozone layer that protects us all from the deadly sun rays.
Secondly, land usage is responsible for both the production of CO2 and the depletion of oxygen especially in the modern world. Land usage includes land cultivation, logging, agriculture and over-grazing. Over-grazing cows can be harmful to the environment because animals like cows produce NH3, which is poisonous, in their waste (Yasuyuki Fukumoto, 2003). In addition, trees remove CO2 from the air during their lifetime while giving out O2 instead for living things to breath, so as forest trees were cut down continuously in order to develop the area, deforestation becomes a deadly weapon to the environment.
Thirdly, as technology advances life became easier, hazardous side effects were also introduced. In this case, CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbon) inside appliances like refrigerators, air-conditioners, is very harmful to the ozone layer. With the impact of new technology, like the modernization from shovels to farming machineries, agricultural activities will emit more CFCs. CFC emission lingers around the earth’s atmosphere, as well as trapping heat inside the planet. Thus, the earth’s temperature gets warmer as more heat is going in and less heat bounce back to space. (Yasuyuki Fukumoto, 2003).
As a result of exploitation over the terrain, climate and weather conditions...

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