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Human Culture And Its Effect On Life

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The culture of the world can be defined by many things, one of which can be historical
significance. Most people grow up with a common knowledge of the environment that they are
a part of. A culture is that environment and people are the products of it. The facts of a culture
are that once it is established, many people will believe in it and follow. For a long time there
was segregation in the United States; It was mostly accepted because of the established culture
that would allow that kind of treatment to people of a different race. Religion is a big example
of culture, people are raised with a knowledge of how certain religions work and that’s the
culture human beings are raised ...view middle of the document...

In almost every scene of the movie Rama
is the dominant figure and before him it was his father the king; The movie steps away from
Hinduism throughout the movie to showcase a white couple in New York City trying their best
to make their lives work. Like the Hindu scenes the woman is also less dominant than the man,
the man leaves the country and she goes to follow him. Nina Paley description of these women
can be viewed as sexist, demeaning or maybe even factual according to some. That may be her
issue and what she is trying to put to the light, that women can overcome any emotional or
physical obstacle put in front of them. Sita got away from danger a few times on her own and she
also kept her purity on her own, most people may not expect some women to be so strong
minded but Nina knows better, she wrote it this way and let film bring this to life.
the woman from New York ended up going to India where her boyfriend was and the heartbreak
she had to deal with once he sent her back home could not be overcome. Sita is a woman’s
dream of someone with her own values and strong core to not allow anything she doesn’t want
break into her mind, body and soul. The movie was a description of female struggles both good
and bad, the scenes also depict ways that the audience should feel about the way women are
perceived. This is the life that the film brought to its audience.

As Nina Paley’s movie would illustrate there are also ways to showcase priority and
substance. The movie would continue to explain certain factors of history but at times would
change history and go with what made the most sense which at times would make the females
seem weaker or dumber. One scenario was when the monkey came to rescue Sita and the movie
pointed out that instead of jumping on his back to safety, she tells the monkey to get Rama to
save her. That scene makes Sita look weak and dependent of her Husband and instead of taking
the easy way to safety, she decided to stay in danger just to wait for her husband to save her.
Rama suspected Sita of no longer being pure and she swore by fire for him numerous times,
this was another thing that makes women look very weak in the film because it looks as if
she has no other choice but to swear by him and do anything to get his trust. The point she
was trying to make I believe is that no woman should have to go through that to earn that
because as silly as the scene looked and must’ve felt worse writing it. At times it looks
like Sita is singing and able to be oblivious even to the most crazy situations happening around
her. This could’ve been done to show that woman are oblivious or that they can a carry a tune,...

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