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When I participated in a local youth sports football league years ago, every time I got done with a game or practice, the first thing my parents would ask me is if I had fun. The usual answer would come out of the 12 year old mind “Yeah”, and I never thought about this question until I made it to my high school years. Until then, I thought the only reason I did the sport then was to hang out with my friends, do something I always see college or professionals do, or to impress my parents or someone. I notice now that the one reason my parents wanted me to do organized sports when I was young was to have fun, and that should be the only question to any youth sport taking place.
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From a coaches perspective you want to succeed as team and have fun. However, there are some coaches out there that want to fulfill their dynasty and fantasy of winning and that can lead to many problems that kids at that age do not need to be put it. For coaches coaching in a youth age group, they should have the ability to teach kids to have fun, to make new friends, to learn cooperation, and to be committed to something. Also as a coach, they consume many different roles as a teacher, a winner, a motivator, and a parent. (Seedfeldt 1987).
One major development in children that participate in sports is building character. As Aristotle put it; “Good character consists of knowing the good, desiring the good, and doing the good,” character is essential for youth growing up to be adults. And when they practice on having good character they can better themselves and others as/when they get older. Tom Landry, a professional football coach, said “The greatest contribution that sports can make to young athletes is to build character. The greatest teacher of character is on the athletic field.” (Smith, Smoll, Nathan 1989).
One of the major reasons kids choose to or not to do sports is the consequences of what will come. When asked if they would like to do a sport, they think of all the consequences that could arise during this and eventually would make up a decision based on the consequences. Parents have a huge role in this decision as most kids would go to them for answers. It all depends on the coaches, the athlete, and the parents of how well they want the season to go. If the athlete gets a coach that is more concerned about winning and fulfilling his/her wants rather than the athletes; that can cause the child to maybe not want to play that sport again and then possibly have them loose the love for that game.
Another consequence attribute are the parents. In the book “Parents’ Complete Guide to Youth Sports”, there is a letter from a young athlete that participates in baseball, Chris, to his parents about him playing the game. He explains in this letter that he has lost interest in the game because of how his parents acted over the last few games. He said he couldn’t straight up tell them what was wrong because he would feel ashamed of it, so he wrote it down. Chris says to his dad that he knows he wants him to be a good ballplayer just like he was and he tried his hardest, but he just couldn’t measure up to what he wanted. He also describes how both his parents reacted poorly to his performance, the umpire’s calls, and his coach’s decisions when they disappointed them. At the end of his letter, Chris requests that his parents not come to his games anymore so that he doesn’t disappoint them anymore. This is a rising factor with youth in sports because of the parents either wanting their kids to be the best, or for their kids to be just like them when they played, however, that adds stress and a target on them that they don’t know how to deal...

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