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Human Development With The Relationship Of Life Experience,Culture Impacts And Psychology Development

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Wei WangStudent ID: 11530781Human development is a complex synthesis of physiological, cognitive, psychological, moral, and spiritual expansion. Different theories explain one or more aspects of an individual's development. The primary goal of this paper is to analyse three aspects: how early life experiences and social development affect the adult person, following by how culture impacts on person's cognitive development. As well, the importance of an understanding of developmental psychology to nursing practice will be examined. Based on the understanding of these three topics, it would allow nurses to provider holistic nursing care to patients and establishes a therapeutic patient-nurse relationship.Initially, life experience and social development have a massive impact on adults. The argument from the attachment theory is that infants need to develop a healthy interpersonal relationship with others in early life for social and emotional development, which lays foundation for future adulthood maturity. (Main, et al.1995;) For example, mothers always form a separate but secure attachment with their children which contributes the child to build up a secure state-of-mind that extends to their adulthood. Moreover, from Ainsworth's observation, there are four styles of attachment have been identified, which are secure, anxious-preoccupied, dismissive-avoidant and fearful-avoidant. For instance, secure attachment predicts a series of behaviors trend in children's later life experiences(Bretherton, et al. 1990;) and the quality of peer relationship in the adulthood. If the child who gets secure attachment (Burton et al. 2012) from their parents, she or he will have more positive expectations and be more trusting and engaging with friends and colleagues. In contrast, when the youngsters who often experience insecure attachment, (Burton et al. 2012) they may do anti-social behaviors to other people such as distancing self from others, lacking of involvement and closeness in the relationship. In regards to my personal experiences, I could see myself as a self-centered child in my early childhood. I was always able to get everything that I wanted from my parents. However, I found few people would like to make friends with me. I felt very depressed at that time. My parents told me that I should learn how to share with other people and listen to others' opinions. Since I have grown up, I started to realize the importance of "loving is caring".Social development plays an equally important role in the development of an adult life, although early life experience greatly influences the adult person. Lev Vygotsky (2013) stresses the theory of cognitive development in his book, which focuses on social interactions in learning process. When discussing the importance of an educator, he highlights that it is always preferable to have some guidance when studying in order to achieve a better learning result. Besides, social interaction promotes children's...

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