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The topic I chose to write about that interest me the most is religion. I chose religion because there are lots of differences when it comes to religion and cultures. I felt it was important to acknowledge three religions that our practiced today. The religion groups I chose to discuss in my paper are the Muslims, Santeria and Judaism .
Lets begin with Muslims. A Muslim can be defined as a believer in or follower of Islam. The word Muslim is an Arabic word that means one who submits to God. The holiest book for the Muslims is called the Koran. Muslims worship in a mosque and are led by an ayatollah. They do not eat pork products. Any meat must come from a herbivorous animal that has been slaughtered by a Muslim. Muslim women cover their body from their head to toe. However, covering their face is optional. A woman must not wear tight clothing. Muslims pray five times a day, they fast and are required to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime. Ramadan is a holy month of prayer and fasting for Muslims. Muslims cannot eat or drink from sunup to sundown for thirty days. Only children, nursing mothers, elderly and the ill are excused from fasting. The country with the highest population is Indonesia. One quarter of the earth that is 1.6 billion people practice the Islamic religion. Islam is the second largest religion in the world (Ahmed, 2005).
Next up is the Santeria religion. It started in Cuba and Brazil and moved to the U.S. and many countries. Their religious customs include a trance for communicating with their dead ancestors, animal sacrificing and sacred drumming and dance. In this religion they worship saints. Rituals and ceremonies take place in a house-temple. Shrines are created in houses to worship. To become a priest or priestess of Santeria a santero or santera, you must go through a week long initiation of a cleansing ritual. The initiators padrino (godfather) cleanses the head with special herbs and water. After the cleansing the first ritual is the beaded necklace. It must not be worn during a women’s menstruation, during sex or while bathing. The second ritual medio asiento the person goes through consultation with a...

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