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Human Impacts On The Earth Essay

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To all living things the difference between life and death rest amongst change. Repeated similar routines, ways of life, are how earth’s organisms go about their daily lives, always surrounded by familiarity. In the limitless universe, however, “change is the only constant” (Heraclitus). Earth has been changing since it composed of only simple gases and star dust. As these simple elements fell into the gravitational spiral of the solar system, every detail and event, massive and minuscule, resulted in creating the small probability of a planet that could inhabit life, earth. Earth holds that slight chance of regulating itself and keeping that delicate balance of life. Earth has diminutive change compared to the rest of the vast universe. Life on earth is delicate making change life's biggest threat. Life takes so much time to adapt. And it is humans that are changing and disrupting the balance of life. That is why now, seeing earths living conditions change more rapidly than organisms can handle, making green and eco-friendly choices are so important. People are causing major changes in the biosphere by altering their own and others ecological limits, destroying and unbalancing the environment, and by depleting the amount of earths biodiversity.

The altering of their own ecological limits impact humans and others in the biosphere. Since the beginning of Homo sapiens, the humans have proven their dominance to extraordinary measures, but all great things have an end. How we know this will happen is through the study of population ecology. Population ecology is the understanding of relationships between organisms and their interactions with their physical surroundings. All living organisms have at least these two ambitions; increase the rate of survival and continuing the blood line. Accomplishing these ambitions however is manipulated by limited factors. Limited factors determine how much a population can expand such as the amount of food, shelter, disease, predators, anything that affects a species. It is no doubt that the human population has been growing exponentially. People have repeatedly outdone their limiting factors by educating themselves the benefits of keeping clean, how to fight diseases, keep safe from the weather, improve food supply, and so much more. But humankind cannot continuously raise their carrying capacity which is the maximum number of a species an area can support by the combination of all its limiting factors. People are running out of resources used in everyday lives. The human population rate surpasses the food supply. This number will continue to heighten since in developing countries, woman are expected to have up to 5 or more children (Hinrichsen and Robey). In addition to greed, selfishness, and wasting of food brings even more hunger. It is estimated by 2050, 3 billion people will face water shortages (Hinrichsen and Robey). A limit on something as important to survival as water will lead to major aggression...

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