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Human Engineering And Worker Performance Essay

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In the field of construction, the success of a project depends on how well the employees preform. On any given construction site, one will find different trades people working to fulfil a common goal. Teamwork is a big part of worker performance, and depending on how well one gets along with their co-workers will decide the fate of the construction project the are working on. As a construction worker, especially an electrician, the job takes immense focus, and any distraction can cause one to make a mistake that could make the project a failure.
Being an electrician is a hefty, but rewarding job, they are responsible for bringing buildings to life. An electrician can take an architect's drawings, circuit diagrams and uses electrical code specifics to plan where the wiring goes, and completes the job with the utmost professionalism. Electricians have been at the center of construction project success since the field of electricity was invented. Without them, the field of construction would be lost.
Human Engineering and Worker Performance
The idea of worker performance, or “human engineering” is to have construction site planning, coordination and scheduling working as smoothly as possible to make sure one can meet a deadline without any resistance. Now as one works on a construction site, there will be unplanned incidents that will make the job more difficult. These can include weather conditions, site conditions, and worker motivation. A projects success depends on high level worker performance to meet fast approaching deadlines.
In the case study that will be discussed in the following section, the company that took on the massive project of renovating the Sears Tower ran into many difficulties, mainly the condition of the building from being abandoned for almost ten years. It was the perseverance of the electricians that made the difference in the end. They had such a high level of worker performance and motivation, that even though the hours were long and the conditions were rough, they pushed through and completed the renovation project in a little under a year. It takes immense skill and understanding of low and high voltage systems to renovate a build of this size.
An electricians daily function on a construction site is wire, re-wire, and pull wire from electrical systems. A electrician is able to read drawings provided by an architect along with wiring schematics and wiring code hand books to complete jobs on a daily basis. Managers who oversee construction sites, watch how their employees perform. One can see how their employees can improve or worsen by how the work environment treats them. This allows the management to make changes where weakness in the performance shows.
One can not tell how a person will perform until they are put in a situation where they have to use their skill and understanding to successfully complete a job. An electrician not only has to have the credentials for the work, but they must...

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