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Human Evolution: How Humans Have Evolved

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Human species or in scientific terms know as, Homo Sapiens has evolved drastically in the last couple of billion years. Human evolution all started from our great ancestors, the chimpanzees. Human evolution started all in the continent of Africa. Due to global changes, evolution changed over time. Thus leading to the evolution of mankind. But man didn't just evolve from chimpanzees. There were a lot of scientific processes and different events that led up to final evolution of mankind. But what does it mean humans evolved from chimpanzees? Why is the human evolution such a small speck in the evolution graph of the evolution of the whole earth? These questions that have been asked frequently by curious people has led scientists to dig deeper into this topic. The answers to how humans evolved has led to some great discoveries.
According to scientists, chimpanzees are our great ancestors. Their way of life at first was a slight different than ours. When humans today walk on two feet, chimpanzees back at the time walked on 4 legs. Chimpanzees did their regular routine of finding food when they need it, finding shelter when needed. All of that changed when a natural disaster occurred on the face of the earth. Before the disaster, chimpanzees had nothing to fear. Life looked normal. Once the disaster hit, things took a turn for the worse. All the food that was available to chimpanzees in the reach of their hands were gone. Food was scarce on the ground. After a couple of hundreds of years, food and the basic necessities for living were at a much more higher reach of the chimpanzees. This meant that instead of chimpanzees walking on four legs, they had to walk on two. The other two body parts they used as legs would soon be turned into hands to reach out to higher places for food and other things. At first it was a big struggle for chimpanzees to walk on two legs and use the other two as hands since they were used to walking on all for legs for years. But that couldn't be used as an excuse for chimps to not stop finding their bare necessities. Slowly chimps evolved to using two legs to walk and two hands to find things. This slight change in chimps was discovered during current time by scientists around the world. This provided a proof that humans evolved from chimpanzees. While these small changes were occurring, chimpanzees were also slightly changing in looks and body stature. Chimpanzees slightly were then described from being called chimpanzees to "ape man" by scientists. All of these finding were discovered using fossils that scientists found in certain deserts and mountains in mainly Africa and also other parts of the world. But something happened to the between the evolution of chimpanzees and humans. This event changed the face of not only earth but also set a new beginning of the...

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