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Human Fall Detection Using Kinect Sensor

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Falls are a major risk in our society which reduces the quality of the life for various people such as the old aged people who are at a higher risk of fall. This has been supported by NICE stating “Falling is the leading cause of injury-related admissions to hospital in those over 65. “
For that reason various research has been conducted to discover the ideal solution for the dilemma. A variety of solutions has been produced as well, however the issue is still present. Therefore, this project’s research would be based on how another technology device such as Kinect could be used as a solution to the issue. Consequently, throughout the project, the discussion would be based on how the Kinect could play a role in resolving the problem and how the manipulation of the device can create such a tremendous applicability other than the specified purpose of gaming.
Project Schedule
Previously, in the project specification, a project timeline had been introduced to manage the time effectively for the delivery of the project on time. The timeline had not incorporated sufficient disruption time for the progression of the project which had an effect on the previous timeline that the project is slightly behind the schedule. The previous timeline is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Timeline from project specification.
Most of the activity has gone according to the plan or achieved earlier than the allocated date. However, the implementation and testing has not adhered to the project timeline but the progress report has been completed before the allocated date. Implementation and testing has not been started due to the amount of research required for the project in-order to acquire the elementary understanding of how the project should be implemented and tested. Since then, it has been apparent of the time scale and the next process to be undertaken. Consequently, the project plan has been revised as in Figure 2.
Background research
The intention of research was to establish various approach to execute the project; to understand the diversity of how the project could be implemented together with determining the desirable method to implement the system.
There are various alternatives to detect falls which are as follows:
• Numerous cameras could be situated within the allocated environment which continuously captures images and the images are constantly being examined. By analyzing the images, the fall could be detected by comparing each consecutive images. Besides, it is an enormous breach of privacy where each angle of the person and the particular environment is being captured; meaning each of their activity is being recorded and they would be anxious about the device and its purpose because the user would know that they are providing a great deal of information about themselves which could be endangering them.
• Another option of executing the project would be using body-worn or built in devices which obligates the user to constantly wear it in...

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