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Human Fears Of Biological Science Essay

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Biology, genetic engineering, research, humans and animals all have one thing in common; they all will potentially start the spread of the worst viral disease known to humanity. AIDS, a viral disease of the human, is spreading rapidly across the world. Also, parasites, rabies, and toxoplasma gondii are all potential factors in the human body takeover. Zombie films today help show how the world will be when this happens. Blood, saliva, and biting will all be known as curse words to society. Society in one’s eyes will never be the same. Research done on animals, which start all diseases, will be the beginning to the life we never dreamed of. Biological science is a potential threat to humanity through today’s infections, viruses, and parasites.
Biological science in today’s society is threatening to our lives in different forms. One particular spread of infection is the, all too familiar, virus. The likelihood of a human viral outbreak is rather rare, for now. Scientists have kept these enemies contained in test tubes to stop the spread of a highly deadly epidemic occurring. However, if a virus were to become lose, one can only wonder what would happen. Based on scientific viral research, because humans live across vast land all around the world, viruses would have to travel fast and far. One shield that is helping us kill viruses is the ozone shield being depleted. Surprisingly, it has its upsides. Thanks to humans being so ignorant and continuously burning through our ozone layer, therefore, allowing more ultraviolet rays in, viruses are slowly desiccated if they are not already living in a host. If a virus infects the human, the spread of infection begins through blood, saliva, or being bitten by one of the infected.
There are two main viruses that prove through these diverse ways of spreading. The first virus I will propose is Rabies. Rabies is considerably like the rage virus, as seen in 28 Days Later. Basic research of the reaction of blood capillaries in humans and rat brains with different antibodies suggests strongly that transferrin receptors are expressed on the capillaries. In conclusion, it is possible that these molecules are involved in the transport of transferrin across the blood/brain barrier.**** Thus proving that viruses are able to spread through the blood and open wounds. Now, because viruses consist of genes and DNA, modifying or a mutation of those genes would be innate to causing various effects which we would have no resistance to. I believe that the rabies virus, which is closely connected to the rage virus, proves that if rabies would ever become genetically mutated, which we would not have a vaccine for; the spread of the rage virus would become inherently real. The second virus that is the leading virus today is human immune deficiency. The virus HIV is just the start of the infection known as AIDS. In today’s common society, it spreads through blood transfer or sexual activity. AIDS is the most infectious...

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