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Human Induced Climate Change Essay

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Human Induced Climate Change (HICC) is the increase of greenhouse gases that is caused by human activities. This has led to warming of the climate, which causes problems such as increase in air and ocean temperatures and rising in sea levels. A possible solution to this issue is Alternative Energy Source. This is energy that is not based on the burring of fossil fuels. An area of an Alternative Energy source is Solar Energy. This essay will look at how Solar Energy is used, if Solar Energy is a good Solution to solve HICC and the positives and negatives of economic and environmental factors of Solar Energy.

Solar Energy is energy that has come from the sun. It can create either heat or electricity. Solar Energy is separated into two different categories Passive and Active. Passive energy is energy that has been turned into heat and Active energy, is energy that has been turned into electricity. Solar Energy is called intermittent source because it is not always available due to the sun being unpredictable. Even though it comes from the sun, which will never run out, if it is a rainy or cloudy day, the sun is not available to provide light. There are systems that have been built, that are designed with an energy storage feature, which therefore allows the user to continue to operate even when the sun is not shinning. As shown in image one solar power is a very simple process. When there is sunlight on the Photovoltaic Panels of a solar PV system, the sunlight is captured and converted into direct electricity. The number of PV systems that have been installed has increased of the last number of years due to the fact that it is a non-polluting clean energy source. The energy that a user will receive depends on the day. Insolation is the measurement of the amount of solar energy that reaches the surface of the earth. (seen in image 3)

The amount of insolation that an area will receive all depends on the sun angle at that point in time and the amount of clouds that are in the sky. “Less than half of the radiation energy we receive from the sun makes it to the ground. The rest is absorbed by the atmosphere or is reflected back out into space” (Solar Energy- Solar energy can be used for heating water for domestic use, heating spaces in buildings, and generating electrical energy.

“Australia has one of the worlds best and biggest Solar Energy resources, yet today less that 1% of our electricity is generated from this clean energy source”. (Clean Energy Solution, n.d.) Using renewable energy resources is the solution to solving climate change. The majority of energy that we use today comes from the use of fossil fuels. When we turn fossil fuels into useful...

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