Human Intelligence Operations Targeted Against Hamas

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For hundreds of years human intelligence operations have been conducted. Nation states have always had a desire and a need to know what friendly and unfriendly countries are doing. For national security purposes knowledge is power. Human intelligence collection has changed throughout history and is different depending on who is conducting it. International laws, brokered agreements, internal laws and policies dictate how human intelligence is collected. By looking at a known adversary, one can apply a human intelligence mission in order to defeat or negate the enemies’ actions. No region is more suitable for human intelligence missions than Israel and the occupied territories of Palestine. Israeli intelligence and the Israeli military have been battling Hamas for decades. Hamas is a well-known Islamic Fundamentalist organization that operates in the occupied territory of Palestine, specifically, the West Bank, Gaza Strip and inside Israel. Israel’s fight against Hamas continues to this day. What Israel has learned and perfected is that human intelligence is paramount in its effort to combat terrorism. If an American mission was established to destroy Hamas, many factors must be considered. A human intelligence mission would be paramount but it would also lead to specific restrictions that would have to be accounted for.
Hamas or “Harakat al Muqawama al Islamiya” means Islamic Resistance Movement. Hamas is the acronym given which also means “zeal”. Hamas was originally created as a Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, which began in Egypt in 1987. “Hamas began at the grassroots level and was not a military organization at the outset. The movement was governed by a Shura Council based on the legislative foundations of the Muslim brotherhood in Palestine” (Chehab, 2007, p. 25). Israel was formally recognized as a legitimate country in 1967 and was immediately attacked by all of its neighbors. From the beginning, Muslims have always been unhappy with the presence of Israel in “Muslim land”, specifically Palestine. This conflict is the main reason why Hamas was created and why they are so popular in the Middle East. Hamas officially published its charter or “The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement” on August 18, 1988. Hamas is a Palestinian nationalistic and Islamic fundamentalist organization. The charter spells out the organizations objectives, goals, and end state and has been unchanged to this day. The charter calls upon Islamic jihad in order to take back the land of Palestine that was stolen by Israel. The charter also states the goals of establishing an Islamic Palestinian state in the West Bank and The Gaza Strip, the total destruction of Israel, the return of all Palestinian refugees back to Israel and East Jerusalem, and East Jerusalem be recognized as the Palestinian capital. When Hamas published its charter, it created a rift between the Muslim Brotherhood. Even though Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood remained...

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