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Human Inventions Have Brought More Harm Than Good

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Human invents tools in their life. Over the centuries, people had invented many tools throughout several eras which are dark ages, enlightenment period, industrial revolution, and the latest technology era in twenty-first century. Tools invented help out by saving times and energies. However, issue that is often debated is whether human inventions bring more harm than good. On one end, human invention may harm to human health and unethical to use human invention such as cloning but some promote that human invention make life easier and closer the gap between peoples.
The first disadvantage of human invention is it may harm to human body health. Technology of mobile phone is the most convenient tool being invented. Almost everyone can own their handset and even hardly to be separated from their daily life. Latest handset contains many attractive games which cause the youngsters always bow their head and ...view middle of the document...

Cloning process is most beneficial technology in fields of biology research about human. During the process, a cell or a tissue is taken from the human body. The cell or the tissue is being studied, cloned and produced a new creature under the microscope of a team of scientist. The process may cause the pain of the people that being experimented. Moreover, the production of test tube babies also immoral as only the best sample will be selected or survived in the cloning process. The genes of the clones produced may be taken from the sperm bank where the father of them will be unknown. Therefore, there is no love in human relationship while practicing the human invention especially the cloning.
However, the first advantage of human inventions is making daily life easier. People realized that inventions allow jobs to be done with less afford and more efficient. During Stone Age, early human-being creates cutting tools by using pieces of stone. By using those cutting tools, human able to hurt animals and divided into smaller parts. From the day onward, human start rely on the use of tools to easier their task. Technology advancement allows human to create modern staffs in many fields such as communication technology, transportation and medicals. For example, washing machine has replaced the task of manual washing process due to the high efficiency.
The second advantage of human inventions is the use of communication technology closer the gap between peoples. There are lots of human inventions uses in daily life such as mobile phone, vehicle and computer. After the invention of motor vehicle, time consume on traveling has been shorten, meant that we able to travels from one place to another in shorter time. Moreover, telecommunication tools allow the international business to be takes place in a shorter time. People able to stay connected globally without limits by the country boundary.
To conclude, human inventions do benefits to people by making people life better and but it also bring some disadvantages as it is harmful to health and ethically wrong. Hence, inventions should not be impeded but people are advice to use the invented technologies wisely.

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