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Francisco J. Domenech, a former director of the office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico, once stated that, “People who try to mind your business don’t really have their life’s under control, they want to have yours under control.” Businesses are controlling everything in order to have their systems and products to be improved and are creating monopolies in the society for their own future. Not only businesses are in control of everything but also in people’s everyday life. Families have controlled their own children, they also control over things in between a marriage. Not just families are being so mandated, it is also in general public. People around the world are wanting to do the ...view middle of the document...

Because the parenting is too strict, there are so many children these days became prodigies. In brief, parents are controlling their children to become the best, just like how business that only thinks of earning money for themselves from the customers.
Secondly, there are gaps in between genders decisive in marriage equality. Referring to the “Exploring U.S History,” before the 1920s, there were no women’s rights and they did not have power or control of anything. It includes that “ women should concentrate on the home and domesticity” (History 120). Women were thought as weak and all they do was stay home and do houseworks. This still exist in today’s society, for instance, in Lynn Prince Cook’s article “The Politics of Housework” that in marriage, a couple is dividing housework that involves with gender equality. According to Cook, “women increase their housework hours when they move in with a man, whereas men decrease their hours when they move in with a woman”(Cook). If love is there between a marriage, then why are they dividing housework? If there is love in between a marriage shouldn't they be helping each other out? In a marriage, there should be a relationship with gender equality. A marriage like this that divides everything up will soon be divided like they divide their housework. Just like a business that separates everything distinctly, their marriage keeps everything to themselves- which means that marriage is...

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