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Human Papillomavirus In African American Females Essay

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Numerous studies have been conducted on various facets of human papillomavirus (HPV) in African-American females. These include focusing on the etiology of HPV, predicting its occurrence, describing the health status of those affected, and controlling its occurrence. Per contra, the number of African-American women infected with HPV is substantially higher than other populations such as Caucasians, American Indian/ Alaska Natives, and Asian/ Pacific Islanders. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2012) suggests that the rate of African-American females infected with HPV-associated cancer, cervical carcinoma, is 9.9 per 10,000 people, with a 95% Cl [9.7, 10.2]. To understand the extent of HPV infection in African-American females, epidemiological factors should be studied in collaboration with oncogenic associated cancers.
The focus population of this assessment is African-American women ranging from age 15 to over 100 years. The location of the population being studied is not contained within any particular country or nation. Factors including religion, ethnicity, and socioeconomic well-being are not of paramount relevance for this assessment and have been omitted.
From 2003 to 2006, the CDC (2011) confirmed that the percent of women infected with at least one type of genital HPV was 42.5%. Given that the United States population in 2010 was roughly 308.75 million, and 156.96 million of them were females suggests that approximately 66.71 million women were infected with at least one type of genital HPV in 2010 (CDC, 2011; Howden & Meyer, 2011). Of the 66.71 million women infected, the United States Cancer Statistics Working Group (USCSWG) (2013) reported female genital system cancers at an incidence rate of 45.3 per 100,000 persons in African-American women for 2010. Correlatively, the incidence rate per 100,000 persons of female genital system cancer at 42.9 for Hispanic women, 34.5 for Asian/Pacific Islander women, and 31.7 for American Indian/Alaska Native women (USCSWG 2013).
Parkin and Maxwell (2006) suggest cervical cancer is the second most common cancer burdening women throughout the world, making up 12% of all cancers in women says Akyuz, Yılmaz, Yenen, Yavan, and Kılıç (2011). Primarily, cancer of the cervix uteri is affecting women in developing countries such as “sub-Saharan Africa, Melanesia, Latin America and the Caribbean, South-Central Asia, and South East Asia” (Parkin and Maxwell, 2006, p. 1). Given the incidence rates of the different ethnicities aforementioned by the USCSWG, there is no plausible evidence that negates a positive correlation of cervical cancer among racial ethnicities of divergent countries to the United States. To exemplify, Parkin and Maxwell (2006) suggest that the standard age incidence rate (ASR) for cervical cancer in the Caribbean is 33.5 per 100,000, the ASR for sub-Saharan Africa is 31.0 per 100,000, and the ASR for the United States is less than 15.0 per 100,000. Hariri,...

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