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According to Wray et al. (1996), human relations involve fitting people into the organization. Organization in this concept could mean work place or an institution of any other nature. This is usually aimed at promoting harmony among the individuals in the organization. For the organization, according to Wray et al. (1996), human relation ensures improved productivity among the individuals. Therefore, if the organization is business oriented, there is usually increased income. On the other hand, human relations ensure economic, psychological and social satisfaction to the individuals. It is this satisfaction that leads to improved productivity. In a workplace set up, satisfied workers will more likely produce more unlike unsatisfied workers. Proper understanding of the human relations skills is very important for everybody in every field. Since human relations affects every field, development plans will very much depend on human relations skills. As such, the field of human relations will have a great impact on the future, and especially the year 2015, the year of fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals.
How the Field of Human Relations Will Impact the Year 2015
Every field requires careful utilization of interpersonal skills. In a work place, the workers benefit from the salaries and wages that they receive from the organization. On the other hand, the organization benefits from the skills owned by the workers. As such, interpersonal skills represent the transferable skills that the organization expects from the worker. Technical ability without interpersonal competence does not possess the power to extract the skills in a worker or a potential worker. According to Wray et al. (1996), a large proportion of people are usually competent but fail to secure jobs. This mostly results from lack of human skills that are necessary to express and market oneself.
Human relations take up different shapes and levels. In organizations, there are different types of relations. For instance, individuals relate as peers, supervisors and as subordinates. One or more of the settings exist in organizations and whichever setting is available, relations are established. Moreover, every individual has a relation within himself and it is only after understanding himself that he can relate with others in an organization. An individual who is not happy with the other workers and with the organization needs to access himself. Perhaps many people will think that human relations are to be used only by the supervisors. Although it is necessary that supervisors should understand human relations, every individual in the organization should also understand human relations since individual performance will depend on interpersonal relationships of the individual.
The year 2015 indicate the year at which the millennium development goals shall have been achieved (United Nations, 2010). All the 192 United Nations members and more than 23 international...

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