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Human reproduction is key to human’s survival rate. Reproduction keeps the species alive and allows genetics to be passed down through generations. Human production has many factors and aspects to a successful pregnancy and delivery. Conception is what most people think comes first.
However, conception can take place a very important step must occur within the female body. During puberty a girl receives a period once a month. A period begins when diminished levels of estrogen and progesterone in your blood prompt your uterus to shed the lining. If a woman does not conceive a fertilized, menstruation occurs. For a pregnancy to occur a mature egg and a male’s sperm must enter the halo like membrane that surrounds the egg. Once a sperm has entered the membrane thickens so no other sperm is allowed inside (Points, 2013).
The egg and sperm have met and know the rapid transformation begins. The egg, now fertilized, begins diving into two cells, then four, then eight, and the pattern continues. A week or so after conception takes place the little ball figure nestles into the uterine lining, called implantation. Another week will pass and the high amounts of progesterone from the implantation tell the body not to shed the uterus lining. A period is missed and the pregnancy begins.
Fetal development is closely watched throughout the pregnancy. This process will occur in states and can be monitored throughout each week of pregnancy. Through a process called differentiation, the embryo rapidly grows and takes on its main external features. Though some doctors and mothers count the pregnancy by weeks, for this paper it will be grouped into months. Pregnancy consists of a nine month incubation period inside the womb. Each month has their own concerns and milestones.
The first month is already covered in the material above. The first month conception is taking place, implantation is occurring, and the baby is rapidly growing already. Some concerns for the first month is a “spontaneous apportion”. Women most often don’t even know they were pregnant when this miscarriage occurs. The second month is the most important concerning the baby’s growth (Points, 1926). Limbs and eyes begin to form and a tiny heart begins to beat. As early as six weeks, the head end of the embryo already looks different from the bottom. Cells are continuing to grow into vital organs such as pancreas, liver, stomach, and lungs (Murkoff, 1984). By the third month bones and muscles are growing and the tiny arms and legs can now bend. During this month all baby’s internal organs are formed, sometimes being immature. The embryo is now called a fetus. Several milestones are met during the fourth month. The eyelids are completely formed and closed over eyes that can react to changes in light. The nose, lips, and chin are distinct as well. Depending on baby’s position during an ultrasound, a sex can be determined. (Murkoff, 1984). The amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby amounts to four...

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