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Human Resource Development And Monetary Incentives As Good Motivation Factors

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Kubo and Saka (2002) identified three factors related to motivation and the first factor is about monetary incentive and the second is human resource development which is very important factor and the last one is talking about the job autonomy that provide the job knowledge to the motivators and workers specially in the financial sectors in Japan. To add more, Leung and Clegg (2001) found that the younger executives can work in higher level than the old workers in Hong Kong and they able to match the desires in terms of responsibility and authority in work assignments, but on the other hand senior executives were holding their accomplishments and they play the occupational role and they can ...view middle of the document...

To add more, Rowley (1996) is aiming to define the issues which are related to the main impacts of the motivate in the academic staff in higher education. Author explained that there are lot of disappointments and depression factors that cause the employees to be less effective in their jobs and that will lead to decrease their performance and such as conducting or sticking to a specific timetable or using the academic or the correct educational equipments. To add more, Peterson and Quintanilla (2003) did some studies and showed that there is a linkage between motivation and socialization and some social work values and norms play an important role too in applying the organizational applications of the motivation of the intrinsic factors and they are related to two theories such as namely cognitive evaluation theory and job characteristic theory. Furthermore, according to Lord (2002), he said that there are two important factors which related to motivation such and they are productivity and retention. Also Herzberg (1968) did some arguments which can end the cause of dissatisfaction and it won't be appear in the satisfaction field. And satisfaction level or motivation level can be appear only if there is a use of motivation. Also according to Maslow 1970, he said that there are popular needs which the human can't live without and this theory is very important to understand more about the motivation. This theory was named the hierarchy needs includes the most five basic levels of needs which lead the human to be satisfied. These factors of the motivation represent the psychological processes provide...

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