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This article is directly related to the job expectations of our Network Administrator, along with the criteria that we are looking for to fill this position. Also included you will find what benefits are available to the Network Administrator. Policies that must be covered during orientation with each employee are also included. An employee job development map is included so there are no processes that are omitted or missed.NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR


Employee Group

Management, Administration, Technical



Job SummaryConfigures and implements network to ensure servers are operational at all times. Plans, coordinates and configures the installation of various system hardware and software.ScopeThis position works in the area of information technology. Work contacts include administrators, faculty, staff and vendors. Equipment used includes standard office equipment, servers and network related equipment.Supervision ReceivedThis position reports to an assigned administrator; receives general direction regarding routine and standard matters; specific instructions regarding non-routine and sensitive matters.Supervision ExercisedDepending on location/department, may direct the work of technical staff.Representative DutiesDesigns and configures local area network servers and workstations; troubleshoots network; ensures server is available at all times; provides technical support (product recommendation and configuration); resolves customer workstation and software problems; configures local area network servers and workstations; installs network and workstation operating systems; develops and maintains network security; implements end user network services (i.e. printing, user accounts); install and maintains network and computer peripherals (e.g. printers, modems or related equipment); documents installation and maintenance of software, devices and end-user services; interfaces with staff assigned to applications development to maintain familiarity with application development; performs connection of workstation to the network; troubleshoots hardware, software and network connectivity problems; performs repairs to computer equipment and associated peripherals; manages backup and restore systems; performs related duties as assigned.Knowledge & AbilitiesKnowledge of: network server environment including service and support requirements; District's operations; computer hardware and software for large computer systems, microcomputers, personal computers and workstations; educational and administrative computer applications; local area network installation and configuration. Ability to: interpret documentation and manuals; develop designs for server and workstation configuration; maintain and repair computer equipment; communicate effectively orally and in writing; establish cooperative working relationships with persons contacted in the course of performing assigned duties.Training & ExperienceAny...

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