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Human Resource Management, Questions And Answers

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1. Define human resource management. What critical human resource management functions must be performed regardless of the organizations size? (Up to 10 pts.)
Human Resource Management is the title given to define formal systems arranged for the management of people within a company. There are many responsibilities of a human resource manager. These responsibilities usually fall into three major areas: employee compensation, staffing and defining and/or designing work. The purpose of Human Resource Management is to maximize the capacity of a company by bettering its employees. This is unlikely to change in the future even though the pace of business is always changing . Edward L. Gubman said in the Journal of Business Strategy, "the basic mission of human resources will always be to acquire, develop, and retain talent; align the workforce with the business; and be an excellent contributor to the business. Those three challenges will never change."
Human Resource Management is not only for large corporations, small businesses also need a strong HR department. Although they do not have the same amount of volume as larger corporations, the decision made by small business's Human Resources department can have more of a major effect on the company's health. Irving Burstiner was quoted in in The Small Business Handbook, "Hiring the right people—and training them well—can often mean the difference between scratching out the barest of livelihoods and steady business growth. Personnel problems do not discriminate between small and big business. You find them in all businesses, regardless of size."
The main purpose of Human Resource management is to develop both the individuals and the organization. This means Human Resource is not only responsible for finding and maturing talents of workers, but also putting programs in effect that will enhance communication between other workers.
I am fortune enough to have a family member who is a Human Resource Manger at UPS and when I asked them what human resource management functions must be performed regardless of the organizations size? They responded with staffing and job analysis, work force performance , professional development of workers, and maintenance of work force

2. Why is it important for organizations to have a Code of Ethics and Sustainability Program?
Many companies have a code of ethics or better known as a policy statement. A code is a form of legislation within the company binding its employees, with specific sanctions for violation of the code. The code is just a list of pieties if sanction are missing. Unless a crime has been committed, the most severe sanction is usually dismissal. The first section of the code is typically an abbreviated mission statement followed by the company's values. In this section the company tells you what they are all about, what it does, why it exists. Usually the code states financial objectives as well as some social and professional...

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