Human Resource Management. Topic On Recruitment And Selection.

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"Pop-corn kernel is hard, indigestible and seemingly worthless. Add a bit of heat into it, and watch it transform before your eyes. Every now and then people in life can do the same thing."Executive Proverb.IntroductionRecruitment and selection is an integral part of human resource management and more specifically as part of the human resource planning process. As future graduates we wanted to get a better understanding of what awaits us in terms of securing future employment. Recruitment and selection is widely researched and discussed by HRM academics, therefore there was a great wealth of materials available.The objectives for this project were as follows:•To distinguish between theory and practice;• To provide an overview for present students of current recruitment and selection processes;•To share the firsthand top tips we received while conducting our research;•To get the widest possible understanding of the recruitment and selection process, through researching a variety of different industries.The structure of our project is fairly straight forward. The project begins with a review of the resources consulted while conducting our research for our project. Following the literature review we discussed the methodology for the research that was carried out by our group members. The project then progresses to the discussion of our extensive findings. The project then concludes with our recommendations to organisations which we believe would assist them greatly in innovating their recruitment and selection process.Review of the literatureThere are many academic articles dealing with the subject of recruitment and selection, which highlight a range of different topics in this area, such as:•Attracting excellent recruits.•How to combat skill shortages.•The process of effective interviewing.•The importance of validating submitted information on CV's and Cover Letters.•The advantages and disadvantages of on-line recruitment.•The recruitment and selective process of top senior executives.The recruitment process of selecting outstanding people is emphasised in the article "How to recruit excellent people" (Grout, J. (2002), 'How to recruit excellent people', People Management, 2nd May, pp.44). This article highlights that the most important impact on the candidate is achieved through the image or the brand of the company. Highly successful candidates are enticed by organizations that recognise high performance and have an excellent rewarding system. Therefore in order to attract the finest candidates an organisation must maximize their appeal by understanding employee needs and meeting those as efficiently as possible. Excellent candidates are scarce therefore a company must invest heavily in advertising. The company must ensure that the advertising projects the thriving qualities of the company while at the same time not infringing job specifications. More and more companies are recruiting through...

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2326 words - 9 pages which qualified candidates for job vacancies within an organisation can be selected.' (Stone 2008, 197) There are two methods in which a Human Resource Manager can recruit people. These are namely the Internal recruitment method in which computerised record system and Job posting will be discussed and the external recruitment method in which international recruitment, Advertising and employee referrals will be discussed.2.1Internal Recruitment

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1642 words - 7 pages 2.1 Recruitment and Selection Schein (1976) discussed that human resource functions are to well defined and well connected to the needs of organization, not only the needs of individuals. Many times the hiring is a system of short run replacement and is not watched for long run functionality. Ahmad and Schroeder (2002) more deeply discussed that usually in the process of hiring, organizations use to focus on the technical skills of the


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3306 words - 13 pages improve its performance and foster an environment of innovation and flexibility among employees.Business can improve the overall employee motivation and productivity in the long run by using strategic human resource management as well. As the Small Business Bible (2006, p. 1) mentioned that '[s]trategic human resource management focuses is human resource programs that have long term objectives'. Instead of focusing on internal human resource issues

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4899 words - 20 pages selection along with selective hiring 3.Extensive training, development and learning 4.Worker participation, information sharing and worker voice 5. Team working 6.High compensation contingent on performance 7. Harmonisation. The human resource management or HRM concentrates at the macro organisational level, ensuring that personnel policies reinforce the organisation's strategy. This can be illustrated by the recent articles on strategic HRM

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4570 words - 18 pages is possible to use the configuration approach to draw a fairly simplistic distinction between traditional personnel management and human resource management in the consideration of fit. The traditional personnel approach appears to emphasise the training needs of the individual and the department over a fairly short time period. (Finegold, 2003) The strategic HRM approach, on the other hand, considers the organisation's need for particular

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2793 words - 11 pages support employee carrier advancement and personal development by continuously acquiring the employees with new skills. Lastly the selection and recruitment system reduces the company's training cost by providing high quality labor, which supports implements and sustains the TQM philosophy.4. References:Beltran, I. and Bou, C. (2005) Total Quality Management, High-commitment Human Resource Strategy and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study. Total

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1080 words - 4 pages Human resource management focuses on securing, maintaining, and utilizing an effective work force, which organizations cannot survive without. Human resource management involves a variety of activities, which include recruitment, and screening of prospective employees, the study of training needs, preparing human resource forecasts, the development of compensation systems, and an understanding of the laws that effect the performance of these

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