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Question 1.1
Major Trends in the External Environment of Spark New Zealand Limited
For this report, I have chosen Spark New Zealand, which is one of the most reputed and largest telecommunication companies based on New Zealand. It has become popular in the global economy for its successful competition with other companies.
In order to find out the major trends in the external environment, we can consider performing PEST analysis on Spark New Zealand. PEST analysis helps to identify macro environment by analyzing political, economic, social and technological factors.
Political Factors:
Forces that interrupt the activities and procedures of a company can be considered as political factors. These factors greatly affect the business environment of a company. Spark New Zealand has to show respect to the laws that has been provided by the government. This includes laws on product prices, offers and also tariffs. There are strict rules for employment law, tax guidelines, safety regulations, trade and mane more.
Economic Factors:
Financial factors that affects the economy also has great impacts on Spark New Zealand. They has to face financial risks including interest rate risk, credit risk etc. These affects economic growth and inflation. Thus, they need to offer excellent facilities to their customers. This includes offering lower price than the competitors. In case of worldwide recession, they need to increase some of their prices.
Social Factors:
Many social factors affect Spark New Zealand. The most important factors are safety and accessibility. They need to offer secured lines on phones. Customers desire for mobile phones which includes basic features like Camera, internet, alert for messages, Conference Calls, instant messaging etc. Safety and easy accessibility with respect to the mobile phones should be considered by the company. Besides, the wide use of internet at home are also one of the other social factors that affect the organization.
Technological Factors:
New Technological innovations plays an important role in the telecommunication industry. Due to the changing business environment, SPARK New Zealand needs to make sure that it offers products and services that are innovative and standard ones and they should know the latest technologies and customer preferences.
Question 1.2
Strategic Issues in Recruitment
Spark New Zealand considers recruiting both from internal and external sources. There are some key strategic issues in this case.
Coping with Law and Union Organisation: As the changing rules of government and implementation of new policies, regulations and laws, it becomes difficult to maintain all these issues. Besides that, there are organisations working for the welfare of the employees. They are often seem to make proposals for increasing salaries, reducing work hours and other benefits, which may become incompatible in many cases.
Competition in the Market: Due to massive competition in the telecommunication...

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