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Human Resource Management Approaches To Casual Workers

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In the last decade or so Australia has experienced a major change in the structure of employment, from the standard full-time workers to new and ever growing forms of non-standard employment such as, part-time work, casual work; contractors and so on. The driving force of this change has been the phenomenon known as globalisation which has forced Australian companies to compete on the international arena with other major businesses in a search for profits, as this competition grows, businesses in Australia have been exploring ways to increase performance and cut costs, in order to become more productive and efficient, which in turn resulted in the adoption of employee flexibility. Many factors have impacted on these decisions, these factors include; the vulnerability of Australian business to global competition; and the deregulation of employment relationships (Hartmann, L. & Patrickson, M. 2000), however with theses changes new human resource practices are needed to manage the growing numbers of non-standard and externalised employees within organisations.The purpose of this paper is too look at the casual workforce within a business, with special attention upon 'flexible firms' composed of a functionally flexible core of full-time workers surrounded by a ring of numerically flexible casual workers (Atkinson, J. 1984, 1987), the aim includes determining what strategic human resource strategies and approaches would be best for their management, whilst at the same time keeping in mind the focus and aspirations of the business.What is Strategic Human Resource Management...To tackle the issue at hand it must first be determined what human resources management is and furthermore what is strategic human resources management.(Stone, R.J. 2005) defines human resource management (HRM) as the ongoing process of managing people within the employer-employee relationship, and thus involves the productive use of people in achieving the organisations strategic business objectives and the satisfaction of individual employee needs. Strategic human recourse management (SHRM) on the other hand, is the idea that human resource management can be used to gain or enhance a competitive business advantage (Kornides, J. & Tokesky, G. 1994). Further exploration of the idea of SHRM reveals that its main focus is on the integration and adaptation of policies and employees into the business strategy, and to ensure that HRM practices are fully integrated with the strategy and the strategic needs of the firm; that human resource (HR) policies cohere both across policy areas and across hierarchies; and that HR practices are adjusted, accepted, and used by line managers and employees as part of their everyday work (Schuler, R. 1992), but do theses employees in an organisation include those workers on a temporary contract, such as casuals? (Burgess, J. & Connell, J. 2002).Non-Standard workers...Research in the year 2000, has shown that the Australian labour market is...

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