Human Resource Management "Working With People And In Teams."

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There are three methods of selection techniques when assessing job applicants. The three methods are Biodata, Psychological Tests and Selection Interviews. I will be explaining the key features of each method and I will also be evaluating its strengths and weaknesses.BiodataBiodata is the personal information about ones self. Biodata can be information such as the age of the applicant, the gender, their job experience and qualifications.Also the background of the applicant is looked into when using this method, such as where they were born, educated and currently living. Some potential employers may even be interested in the occupations of the applicants' parents; this is so that they can determine what sort of upbringing an applicant may have had.Biodata is useful information as it can allow the interviewer to look at applicants' personal background and qualifications and then by using that info they can judge and decide whether the applicant is suitable or not for the job they applied for. This saves valuable time for example if an applicant was invited for an interview and was not suitable for the job, then time would have been wasted, but if Biodata was used as a first stage before interviewing, then it could have shown at a very early stage the applicants unsuitability for the job, which can then be disregarded, thus resulting in time being saved. This method is equally important when there are limited posts with excess applicants, as it would be easy to sift through each application and keep good ones for the interview stage.A weakness of Biodata is that applicants may misrepresent themselves. For example one might state higher grades in certain subjects, which they may not have achieved.The reason why this causes a problem is because that person may have been short-listed and invited for an interview for a post in which they were not qualified in doing. This would also waste a lot of valuable time. A way around this problem is to check up on the applicant to make sure they have the grades they stated in their CV or application form.Another problem is that a person may have all the sufficient grades and qualifications for the job, but may not be good in terms with people relations i.e. team-working. This would cause a problem because an interviewer would not have any knowledge of how an applicant may cope with this situation as Biodata is more focused on background and personal information.Psychological TestsPsychological tests are carried out usually for the purpose of supplementing interviews. The tests can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly it can be a means of extending the knowledge of the applicants' achievements. It can also be used to test applicants applying for specialist posts, for example a typist may be given a letter to type out and might be tested on speed and accuracy so that it complies with the firms standards. This could benefit employers, as it would show if the applicant was sufficiently skilled for the job....

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