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“Built Ford Tough” is a slogan which this company has created, sustained and continued progress into the future. They have proven their Ford starting out with its first Quadricycle model in 1896 (Hackett, 2017). Let’s fast forward to the present; Ford Motor Company has been a pioneer in the automotive industry with the extensive use of high-strength aluminum in a mass-market vehicle, and in 2014 they hosted the auto industry’s first developer conference for in-car connectivity (Hackett, 2017). The company has gone through many changes over the years, but one thing that has never changed is the company’s commitment to excellence. The intent of the organization is to “change the way the world moves” (Ford, 2017), and the company is only as good as the employees that work for it. A large part of the Ford Motor Company’s success in the global automotive industry is due to their HR strategies that are aligned with their business strategy. This assists the company to recruit and retain loyal employees who are focused on making Ford the best it can over its competitors.

Alignment of HRM and Business Strategies

Workers from various departments within an organization need to work together as one for the company to be successful from an HR perspective. The HR department should be incorporated by all planning agents with the management team (Jackson, 2017). HR reps know how many employees are needed for a particular job, how many employees could be latterly moved from within, which employees should cross-train and how they should be trained (Jackson, 2017). The HR rep can also determine which recruiting strategies should be used or if the company needs to outsource a particular job (Stewart & Brown, 2014). Once individual business determinations are made the HR department, can train the employees on changes and train managers to embrace change as well as the opportunities it may present (Jackson, 2017). This is extremely important because managers are responsible for presenting the change to their team and helping them to deal with it positively. Every company has certain performance directives, and HR can develop those goals based on the enterprise’s objectives. Another solution to align the HR strategy with the business strategy is to include HR in product development. HR can ensure the right staff is in place, even if that means hiring a temporary contract employee or a freelance employee. Involving HR in most of the decision-making processes will ultimately keep the HR and business strategies aligned with one another.
HR and Business Strategy Alignment
Ford’s strategy aligns well with their business strategy, and this is evident by the fact they currently only have six positions that they are advertising to fill at this time. With Ford being the large company they, might expect to see hundreds of job openings. According to an employee survey completed in 2009, sixty-eight percent of the respondents gave a favorable...

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