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Human Resource Portfolio Essay

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Table of contents pages1. Introduction 21.1 Natural of position 21.2 Job Description 3-42. Recruitment Procedures 52.1 Objectives 52.2 Advertisement 5-62.3 Recruit Agencies 63. Selection Procedures 73.1 Objectives 73.2 Selection Procedures 73.3 Interview 83.4 References check 83.5 Offers/rejects of employment 93.6 Induction 94. Performance Management System 104.1 Objectives 104.2 Steps in managing performance 104.3 The Performance Appraisal 10-114.4 Reward and Recognition 115. Remuneration management5.1 Objectives 125.2 Pay Remuneration 126. Good governance in HRM 13-147. Conclusion: Overall Evaluation and Learning 15References list 16-18Appendix 1 Sample Interview Questions 19Appendix 2 Sample Unsuccessful Letter 20Appendix 3 Sample Offer Letter 21-24Appendix 4 Draft Contract of Employment 25-31IntroductionThe Four Seasons Hotel is a leader in the hotel and hospitality industry that specializes in the development and operation of luxury hotels for others (, 2009). During the last few years, the Four Seasons Hotel has been awarded the best hotel and one of the most comfortable hotels in Australia (, 2009). Beside many different departments work together and achieve an excellent effort that builds this hotel success, human resource management plays an important role in he hotel. There has a human resource Golden Rule which stipulates that'One should treat others the way they wanted to be treated themselves' (SKM, 2009, p. 7). The firm believes in the fact that people make the strength of the company, the basic human needs stays the same all over the globe and also people need respect, care and thoughtfulness. When the organization takes care of its employees as its own the employees takes care of the organization in return. An example of how this golden rule is implemented is the hotel provides the employee with several uniforms and there is nothing saying that they should change it once per day or at some specific time whenever they feel dirty they can change their uniforms, at the end it goes to their dignity almost no one feels comfortable in dirty clothes (William, 2005).Therefore, this portfolio will examine each section in hotel's human resource department with linking to the literatures and examples that how to hire a person in the right position. The position will be discussed in this portfolio is Human Resource Director, who is an important and power people in the hotel. Finally, HRM function to good governance and an overall evaluation in the last part of portfolio.1. 1 Natural of the positionThe Human Resource Director (HRD) has a crucial role in the entire hotel, because he /she has to set a right strategy, staffing support and recruit the right people in many different positions. HRD is responsible to lead and implement practice that provides an 'employee-oriented, high performance culture that emphasises empowerment, quality, productivity and standards, goal attainment, and the recruitment and ongoing...

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