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Human Resources Management (HRM) is that branch of management that deals with managing one of the resources of the organization-human resources. At times it is called Personnel Management. However, the term personnel management is being replaced in most spheres by the term human resource management or human resource development (HRD) or simply human resources (HR). Most organizations have a full-fledged human resource management department. The function of human resource management is to acquire, train, develop and retain the human resources of the organization so that with the help of these human resources, the organization is able to achieve its goal. The role of today's human resources manager is vastly different than that of yesterday's human resource manager. Today's private and public sector has seen dramatic changes in the way we as a nation do business and these changes have affected the role the human resources manager plays. This paper will discuss the role of the human resources manager, diversity and how trends focusing on globalization, diversity, and ethics have changed this role. Human resource management must change as well to provide organizations with their needs Today's human resources manager has a greater role than just being the "compliance, benefits and compensation" manager.Firms today involve the human resources manager an integral part of the companies' strategic planning team in an effort to meet the firm's strategic objectives. The critical role to the viability and success of today's and tomorrow's firms has to do with human resources and diversity of the firm.Cultural differences can impact an organization in many ways. It can strengthen as well as weaken the workforce. With the recent globalization of organizations, it is essential that organizations today understand the importance of cultural diversity in order to succeed. Due to variety of languages communication is a key ingredient in any successful business relationship. A business must understand how cultural diversity impacts the organization and how management and human resources address these issues from a corporate level. Any issues that are not addressed can impact the organization negatively, which leads to bad publicity.Consider this example in if your own business human resources understand the importance of cultural diversity. They will be dedicated staff in place to make certain all employees are treated equally. Your company will then recognize the essential values in promoting diversity within their work force. Human resources must implement steps and strategies that continue to work with management to maintain workforce that is culturally diverse. The diversity opens your minds to the people, cultures, and opportunities.When dealing diversity businesses must try to avoid prejudice, misunderstanding and stereotyping. Human resource must also distinguish normal cultural pattern from its everyday business interactions between people and other...

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