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Human Resources And Employee Evaluations Issues

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Human resources play a very large role in an organization. The department is tasked with evaluating potential employees, managing existing employees, and reprimanding problematic employees. One job function under managing existing employees is employee evaluations. Human resources do get some help performing this function in the form of evaluations filled out by the employee’s manager. It is customary in many companies for an employee to be evaluated by his or her manager on at least an annual basis. The annual evaluation gives the manager an opportunity to discuss the employee’s performance throughout the year and bring up any issues the manager may have with employee performance. The evaluation is also a good time to reward higher performing employees for their many successes. The reward could be anything ranging from a raise to a promotion depending on performance, but how is the performance evaluated? What criteria should be used to measure how an employee performs during an evaluation?
Task outcomes, behaviors, and traits are generally the most used criteria to judge employee evaluations. Task outcomes involve the amount of production output for a given shift, the timeliness and accuracy of drawings for a CAD operator, or the overall sales numbers for an account executive. In a production environment, even though quantity is judged, quality of the product would also be judged because output is meaningless if half the product is returned because of casting or milling flaws. Accuracy in a CAD drawing is extremely important. If changes made by the architect are not transferred accurately, it could lead to construction delays on the jobsite and ultimately tarnish the reputation of the construction company. For an account executive, sales numbers would be paramount in an evaluation. After all, an account executive’s sales numbers reveal a lot about how well they perform their job duties. Behaviors and how they contribute to the effectiveness of an organization, or group within an organization, are a key point of evaluation. Behaviors are a crucial component in individual task outcome. A helpdesk manager could be evaluated on how well new employees are trained on company protocols, or the average wait time a caller is in queue. Although these evaluation points would also trickle down to subordinates, it is ultimately the help desk manager’s responsibility to ensure these behaviors are effectively translated to the group culture. In the same scenario, a help desk technician could be evaluated in speed of resolution to a problem and how effectively they communicate to the requestor. Average time on call would not be a good point of evaluation simply because time on a call could vary greatly depending on the seriousness of the problem. However, time in queue would be an excellent point of evaluation because it would detail how long the technician was logged into their phone waiting for a support call to come in. This would show a customer service...

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