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Human Resources At Cerebos Company In Malaysia

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Being given the opportunity to be a Human Resource (HR) Trainee at [Cerebos], a Malaysian company that specialises in manufacturing health supplements has exposed me to many HR functions and one of them includes training and development of employees. According to Campbell et al. in Noe (1986), training is defined as ‘a planned learning experience designed to bring about permanent change in an individual’s knowledge, attitudes, or skills.’ In this paper, narrow focus will be put on learning intervention at an individual level, as experienced by one of the employees.
The intervention program can be considered as a training and educational opportunity for the employee, who worked ...view middle of the document...

Training Needs Analysis
According to CIPD (2014), the identification of learning and development needs is based on the conduct of a formal or informal assessment of prevailing levels of skills, attitudes and knowledge, and any current or anticipated gaps, to inform decisions about the learning provisions required at individual, team or organisational level. McGehee and Thayer (1961) suggested that assessment of training needs involves three types of analysis: organisation, task and person analysis. In this manufacturing company, needs analysis on an individual level is conducted through performance appraisal interviews. Like other employees in the organisation, the aforementioned employee who attended the training course will meet the HR Manager and HR Executive twice a year to discuss about her job roles and responsibilities. During the interviews, they will discuss about the objectives of work tasks to be achieved as well as the target performance. In assessing her training needs, focus is put on the type of tasks she is expected to perform. Her tasks as a Receptionist require her to deal with both internal and external people effectively. Besides handling phone calls, she needs to entertain suppliers and customers who come to the office for business matters. Her tasks as an HR assistant, meanwhile, requires her to properly manage HR documents and office supplies. Besides that, she is required to organise an internal event and work collectively with other employees. She is sent to this specific intervention program to help her in performing all of these tasks efficiently. This practice is aligned with the theoretical definition by Herbert and Doverspike (1990) who states that task analysis includes the process of ‘setting up performance standards or criteria, describing tasks to be completed, deriving optimal procedures for performing those tasks and specifying the requisite knowledge and skills for task performance.’
According to Felstead et al. (2010), ‘training incidence rises with the employees’ level of qualification and position in the occupational hierarchy’. In other words, highly educated employees are highly likely to be sent for trainings than lower qualified workers. This statement applies to what is being practiced by [Cerebos] but the company was considering the employee’s length of service to the company, which has exceeded five years. Since she has worked for many years with the company, she was also given the opportunity to attend an external training program. Not only that, she had a crucially important job role because as a Receptionist, she was expected to professionally welcome important individuals from other organisations who come to the company, direct clients to meet internal employees as well as screen phone calls. From my point of view, if a company has an efficient Receptionist, it will bring good image to the company.

Training Design and Delivery
Some of the delivery methods used throughout the program include...

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