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Human Resources At Proctor And Gamble

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In today's global business environment, managing diversity in human resources has become a very important and crucial issue. Human resources management has a lot to deal with managing workers/employees from different countries and nationalities. Managing multinational human resources becomes an issue not only in the multinational corporations, having their offices or plants in different countries, but also in the domestic companies, with domestic workforce becoming more and more diverse each day. Creating an HR that has the ability to recruit and select the right people and the ability to effectively socialize and train employees will allow multinational companies to excel in all business aspects.
In this paper we have chosen to explore Procter and Gamble (P&G), a multinational corporation which has lead the way in creating one of the best human resource management systems to date. By using P&G, we are seeking to provide an example of how current multinational companies make decisions to manage their human resources (HR) activities, in search of effective management of their HR costs and in search of professional HR management.
First, the concept of multinational HR management will be outlined, followed by the discussion of the P&G case.

Human Resource Management Concept
Human resource management (HRM) encompasses the activities of acquiring, maintaining, and developing the organization's employees (human resources). "The traditional view of these activities focuses on planning for staffing needs, recruiting and selecting of employees, orienting and training staff, appraising their performance, providing compensations and benefits, and making their career movement and development." HRM involves two aspects: the activities of the human resources department and the day-to-day duties of every manager, in the process of direct or indirect communications with employees. A company's strategy must view people not as expenses but as assets that maximize the company's value, and consequently the HRM officers are responsible to support and implement the strategy.
While the HR department does a lot of work in terms of planning actions and strategy, such as hiring and firing employees, developing training programs and such, managers often are the ones who eventually work with the selected people; employ certain new practices or newly developed methods in evaluating employees. Certainly it depends on the organization of the company and sometimes, as well, on the corporate culture of the company, how much responsibility the HR department bears and what its workload is, and how much HR management activities are imposed on the individual manager versus his subordinates. As it will be outlined in the following discussion of P&G, outsourcing might be one of the options available to tackle the complex issue of managing HR in the global village. Some of the tasks still fall on the shoulders of middle managers.
According to the Hitt, Black...

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