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First I will start with the staffing process and recruiting employees. Recruitment is the process of attracting individuals on a timely basis, in sufficient numbers, and with appropriate qualifications, and encouraging them to apply for jobs with an organization. Finding the appropriate way of encouraging qualified candidates to apply for employment is extremely important when a company needs to hire employees (Mondy pg. 120). When recruiting it is important to look at and use both internal sources and methods along with external sources and methods. Human Resource managers must find the most appropriate way to encourage qualified candidates to apply employment within their company. Depending on the situation of current staffing, job postings may be posted internally so first choice is given to current employees. If a company needs to expand the search beyond its own boarders, the most popular external method is advertising. Advertising communicates the firms' employment needs to the public through media such as radio, newspapers, television and industry publications and the Internet. (Mondy pg.131). Other options for advertisement are with employment agencies, schools, and job fairs. The method for recruitment will vary according to the type of position being filled. The advertisement must generate awareness, interest and encourage a prospect to seek more information and the company and the job opportunities it has to offer. Today Internet recruiting seems to be the most widely used method of recruitment. Most companies advertise with employment web sites such as and They also advertise on their own web sites as well. It is important to catch the reader's attention. A eye catching ad will let the reader know what type of company it is, minimal requirements of the job and general knowledge needed, along with the best of the best of the benefits the company has to offer such as vacation time, holidays, tuition reimbursement, health benefits, and retirement plan. I have personally had great success finding employment through The previous two positions I held, I found through It saved me time and money not purchasing the newspaper and rather than reading all the ads which I was not interested in, I was able to enter my specific search requirements and within seconds was supplied with all the positions listed that fit my personal needs. However, I have not submitted a resume on online. For both positions, I printed and mailed my resume and cover letter. I don't like the fact that many organizations and companies require specific key words be in your resume in order to be considered a qualified candidate. I feel that this is a poor system and many qualified candidates often go unnoticed due to this type of automated system. I feel much better when I know that a human being is going to personally read my resume rather than a computer.Next I will discuss compensation and benefits....

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